December 12, 2017, 9:11 am
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Revolutionary government

DIEHARD supporters of President Duterte held simultaneous rallies yesterday at Mendiola bridge in Manila and in public parks and plazas nationwide, especially in cities considered as bailiwicks of the President.

The announced reason for the demonstrations was to celebrate and extol the heroism of Andres Bonifacio, founder of the Katipunan and leader of the Philippine revolution against Spain. Yesterday was Bonifacio’s 154th birth anniversary. 

The rallyists’ message is far removed from any historical perspective; if at all, it is contemporary and current. They wanted Duterte to declare a revolutionary government (RevGov) in the Philippines -- a nostrum resorted to by Presidents Ferdinand Marcos and Cory Aquino.

The problem with this demand is that Duterte himself has time and again rejected this idea which he himself broached for every conceivable social ills of the nation.

Proponents of RevGov, many of whom are members of the Duterte troll army in social media, doggedly insist that such a government setup will solve the threats and evils of terrorism (both the Islamic and the communist kind), criminality, official corruption and their favorite whipping boy of an issue, illegal drugs.

The Duterte followers are within their rights to voice their opinion on this issue, said presidential spokesman Harry Roque. They are however reminded to behave and follow the law in the conduct of their mass mobilizations.

These fans of the President are keeping the flame of a revolutionary government dream alive because Duterte himself declared that a revolutionary government remains an option to meet threats from the Communist Party, and even the Islamic State. 

With Roque’s semi-admonition to the rallyists to behave and conduct a peaceful assembly and with Duterte’s half-hearted rejection of the idea of a revolutionary government, one that will suspend the Constitution and give him full legislative powers, we can only wonder if these demonstrators are innocently acting alone in pushing for their advocacy or not.

We have seen in the past many cases of false flags, of contrived social upheavals, of sinister “ambush me” or real bomb blasts to justify radical shifts in governance, if not downright power snatch.

A revolutionary government is a misnomer because there is no revolution -- we have a democratically elected government under an existing Republic. Any one who advocates the idea should at least be honest and call it as it is: a coup from the inside, a barefaced power grab by the sitting leader, a Marcos template revived.
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