October 20, 2017, 8:44 am
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Drug purge intensifies: Do you feel safer now?

As President Rodrigo Duterte promised to suppress crime and drugs within six months, the crackdown on illegal drugs continues. The latest number of drug-related killings were stretched to more than 700 in less than three months.

This includes suspected drug personalities, unidentified people, and mistaken identities shuttered by cops or unidentified suspects.

It’s been a usual scenario in Philippine newspapers today to see stories about fatalities found somewhere with a placard bearing the words “Pusher ako,’ wag tularan”. Is this means that anyone can be a drug
pusher or user by simply wearing the placard in the neck? Well, as what these scenes suggest, we are. And, anyone has the chance to be found dead tomorrow before dawn.

From the list of killed personalities, there were instances of mistaken identity cases. Many innocent people have been affected like a 22-year-old college student and choir member in Dagupan City shot dead
by vigilantes, and a criminology scholar sleeping over a friend’s place killed in a drug bust operation. 

On the other hand, the country before Duterte took his presidency also witnessed how drug addiction ruined the lives of many Filipinos. Cases of rape and brutal murders by drug addicts dominated the news. It
was clearly shown how drugs slowly eating the country and its system.

Today, the only problem with PNP and President Duterte’s efforts to wipe out illegal drugs is the absence of due process amidst its democracy. The alarming and increasing number of casualties develop a
growing culture of fear in the country and promote violence in some ways. As Vice President Leni Robredo said, the authorities should seriously investigate these killings and bring those responsible to justice. 

This time, from wild accusations up to shoot-to-kill method of execution. Do you feel safer now?

Is shooting alleged drug personalities to death is one of the solutions for overcrowding jails and lack of rehabilitation centers in the country? Whatever plans hitting Duterte’s mind regarding this matter, he
should carefully plot it to save this country from its illnesses.

The fight against crime and illegal drugs requires a full participation of other government agencies involved like DOJ, DOH and DepEd. These agencies must do their parts to save drug dependents from
addiction and shred them some light for a new life. These individuals should be transformed to a productive manpower that can be helpful for rebuilding this country. – MARK LOUIS F. FERROLINO, PUP
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