July 26, 2017, 10:30 am
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Ouster hulabaloo

RATIONAL voices have lamentably been drowned out by all the noise about the supposed discovery of a sinister plot to oust the elected President in – of all places – an online exchange.

The scant pickings of words and phrases even remotely relatable to a plot were colored with conjectures, embellished with speculations, and liberally gilded with malice before being sent out to social media platforms with the rather catchy hashtag #LeniLeaks.

Anyone with sufficient time to check online would have clearly seen an impressive troll army at work. Reaction pages of all legit news articles posted within a few hours were flooded with the hashtag and short sarcastic remarks about news networks ignoring “the big news” - all designed to sucker in serious readers to click, read, and make half-baked remarks of their own.

It worked.

Against all dictates of common sense and sound discernment, mainstream media jumped into the fray to seek reactions from lawmakers, Cabinet officials, and every two-bit analyst within hailing distance to contribute their wisdom into the witches’ brew of an ouster plot.

The questions ceased to be whether the malnourished exchange on the Yahoo Groups was worthy of belief; with hardly any help, it metamorphosed into a question of whether those individuals involved should be investigated for sedition then prosecuted in court.

From there it was a short hop to ask whether the Vice President is in the thick of a conspiracy to do a power grab.

Quickly forgotten were the basic ingredients of rational discourse like seeking out details, double-checking, and dispassionate assessment.

Over and above the viscous muck that the unfortunate rumpus has left us in, is the most important question that was left unasked – Who stands to gain the most from it all? – PT.
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