September 25, 2017, 1:39 am
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Onward with stupidity...

THE prudent, fervid Jesse Robredo who deeply loved the Philippines must be turning in his grave in embarrassment over Leni. 

The power-hungry Leni wants to be president. “Impeach Duterte” will bring the Yellows back to power. An oncoming election recount is feared by Leni’s backers. Former Magdalo mutineer, now Rep. Gary Alejano is assigned do the Yellow’s dirty Impeach-Duterte work. Alejano for weeks now had been gossip-mongering against President Duterte. He is questioning the too much attention the President is giving the AFP. 

Alejano resents the Commander-in-Chief Duterte visiting military camps, spending time with soldiers; increasing salaries, improving allowances, housing, supplies, outfits of the military. “Nililigawan ng President ang AFP,” Alejano smirks.

Cajoled by the Yellows, Leni tells the UN black, evil things going on in the Philippines. Leni: “We, the Filipinos... Our people feel both hopeless and helpless.” I’m a Filipino. Woman, don’t dare speak for me. I have never felt more hopeful than under this current disciplined president. Don’t speak for that electorate of 103 million citizens who overwhelmingly voted Duterte president. Leni is speaking only for, and under the pressure of a couple of dozen mutineers and Liberal Partymates. Don’t dare speak for all the Filipinos.

Her backers named Magdalo led by Alejano and Sonny Trillanes mutineed to remove President Gloria Arroyo.

This same Magdalo group still led by Trillanes-Alejano is now working to remove the new overwhelmingly-elected President Duterte.

What’s with these mutineers? Is it getting to be a pasa-tiempo, an obsession for Trillanes and Alejano to push aside Philippine presidents? Leni Robredo’s backers got her to do what’s tantamount to treason.

When decent Filipinos and OFWs visit or live abroad, their behavior aims at uplifting the reputation of the Philippines. Those Filipinos I knew while studying and living abroad kept away from devious activities; they behaved so as not to ruin or cause shame to the Filipinos and the Philippines.

Leni Robredo has done the opposite. She goes abroad para magkalat nang dumi. Spread lies concocted by her power-hungry cohorts against the Philippine President and his administration. Lies spoonfed to her by her backers who are using her. Leni spewing unsubstantiated hear-says, giving no evidence, documents, nor credible sources.

Wasn’t there a smart one in Leni Robredo’s cordon sanitaire who, seeing her political gullibility and precarious situation, should have cautioned her of the stupidity of what she is made to do? A top tax-paid official who spreads derogatory stories about her country, all unsubstantiated, to foreign leaders, is guilty of a crime.

Thousands of netizens and bloggers–check them out--are disgusted with Leni for bringing shame to the Philippines with her lies.

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