November 24, 2017, 10:29 pm
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NUJP vs Du30 vs NUJP

FROM the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines, through In my Inbox, unsolicited, NUJP reprimands President Duterte: “...In your interviews with media, you again said you were ‘playing’ with us and are ’fond’ of ’joking around.’ Which is why it is the responsibility of reporters to examine everything you say, if it is true or not, and we are to blame if our reports do not reflect the message you wish to impart.

“We beg your pardon, but we reject outright your point of view. Not because we have no wish to examine your words–it is part of our job to do so–but because, as President of the Philippines, you have the responsibility and the duty of being clear in all your statements to the nation and the world.

“There are times for joking or even nonsense. But because you are the President, all your public statements are considered–and it is only proper to do so–administration policy. Besides, many of your ardent supporters consider even your jokes as marching orders while the corrupt and the criminals inside and outside government also use these to justify their heinous designs. In such a situation, would it not be more prudent if you stopped playing with us and tamed your penchant for jokes?

“…If your statements are not clear and if it is not clear whether you are serious or joking, the problem lies with you and not with us or with the people. We are serious in our work and obligation to treat seriously and report faithfully everything that issues from the President’s lips.

“Do not foist on others your obligation to speak clearly, Mr. President.”


Quoting NUJP member (print news): “ ...The President was invited to the opening of the 4th World Apostolic Congress on Mercy, WACOM4, in Intramuros to be attended by 4,000 delegates.... Bishop Ruperto Santos, Coordinator, said the holding of the apostolic congress in the Philippines could become a ‘healing process’ and could open a window to show that there is always room for mercy, even for those considered as targets of the government’s war against illegal drugs. The Catholic Church in the Philippines has been critical of the rising number of killings in the administration’s war against illegal drugs.”

The reporter used the words “Target” and “Rising” not as quotes, but as her bias: (1) That there should be room for mercy for those who are TARGETS of Du30. (2) That there is a rising number of killings in the administration. Lies! There is no government program that extrajudicially targets to kill. There is no rising numbers of extrajudicial murders in the administration. The rising number of killings is within the vigilante and illegal drug business. The administration is not into illegal drug business. 

Quoting NUJP member (broadcast news): “Pasok ang mga pulis sa bahay... raratratin ang lahat ng tao... mga bata... mga buntis.... [The police enter the house... machineguns the people there... the children... the pregnant women....]” Lies! This DZXL newscaster would not be able to identify or name one single solitary such event by the police. 

The mission of the Du30 war on drugs: to get the drug addicts identified, rehabilitated; to prosecute drug sellers. The Du30 war on drugs has no program to murder; no targets to kill extrajudicially. No benefit for the administration from dead addicts. Killing drug-addled citizens is not the scheme of government. Many end up dead involved in the illegal drug trade. Six distinct situations lead to drug-related deaths:

1) Vigilante killings --addicts who cheat; cannot pay sellers for the drugs they get exterminated.

2) Drug sellers neutralize addicts fearing that the surrenderee-addicts will give their names to the police. 

3) When the police knock on their doors to investigate, paranoid addicts in a drug session inside reach for their guns, ready to shoot it out. Faced with drawn weapons, the police must shoot back in self-defense. (Innocent people will answer the knock of the police, and calmly ask: Hello, who are you looking for? No weapons fired. No one killed.

4) Innocent bystanders die. Police and drug sellers, shooting at each other, will have collateral damage. Not all are sharp shooters. Bullet trajectory will get an innocent bystander or two. Such tragedies are outside of the President’s war on drugs.

5) Buy-bust Operations, as done by all law enforcers all over the world. Investigators act as drug addict-buyers. Law enforcers catch drug sellers by pretending to be buyers. Who gets killed depends on who pulls the trigger first.

6) Last but not least, Ninja Cops. By the law of average, of the 170,000 Filipino policemen, a few would be corrupt. These few would kidnap, ransom, kotong, murder. Even in religious monasteries, a few seminarians become rotten. In the PNP, they are weeded out, prosecuted, incarcerated. 

Do not foist on others your obligation for accurate, unbiased news, NUJP.

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