November 24, 2017, 10:52 pm
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On millennials and fake news

A FRIEND works with millennials in a U.S. tech company. He says that those kids don’t even know where to place a stamp on an envelope. He asked one of them to mail some documents, and the kid was perplexed over the entire enigma of postal mail, postage stamps, how and where to buy and how to stick the stamps on which corner of the envelope. This experience was not segment of his upbringing and millennial education. 

Millennials’ existence mostly depends on their cell phones. One of the kids who work for him didn’t know how to find his house. They rely solely on the GPS in their phones. These Google maps took him to the street of his boss, but he didn’t think (!) about the house number. He had to phone my friend to ask where he actually was, after the GSP got him in the general environs. Because the GPS would guide him no more, he couldn’t find the house. 

Kids claim millennials are those born circa 2000; those now round about 17-year-olds. Millennials-- hope of the Motherland. Eh di, Wow! 

MAD [Millennials Against Dictators] filed a complaint against the Philippine Justice Secretary for repeating what MAD must believe to be an anti-Yellow fake news. The Millennials sued Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aquirre who mentioned in public seeing a photo of the movers’n’shakers of the Yellows--Sonny Trillanes, Paolo Aquino, Gary Alejano, Ronald Llamas. The rumor had it that this bunch was in Marawi meeting with local Moro families a little before the start of the Marawi crisis.

Secretary Aguirre publicly repeated the rumor to have the DOJ investigate. Truth-search confirmed that the photo was in fact not recently taken: not taken in Marawi; and the story was just that-- fake news. Emanating was another fake news that the anti-administration bunch also had valid reasons to disseminate such fake news to make the administration look bad. Though elected with an unprecedented majority and maintaining overwhelming popularity, to make President Duterte and his government look bad, appears to be the raison d’etre of Sonny Trillanes, et. al.

Are all Millennials born sympathetic to the Liberals? MAD is up in arms at the photo and rumor fearing that the story may suggest that the Yellows and the revolutionaries were into a collaboration of sorts. The Ombudsman hopefully may have seen the frivolity of this MAD suit, and garbaged the MAD Coalition’s case against the Department of Justice Secretary.

In come the Catholic clergy who would stab’n’twist the DU30 administration at the slightest provocation: “...There are people who are manufacturing fake news, and those who are promoting it might no longer value the truth. Why would you be happy if you are the source of the fake news? I think it is part of basic human decency to love the truth and to abhor falsehood. So, that is where it starts. We should first address the source, where the fake news is coming from, and are you really happy about spreading lies? ... Spreading fake news is against human dignity.” So says Archbishop Luis Tagle.

Even the RC church is the source of fake news. All priests, including Archbishop Tagle, spread the fake news that dead adults with medium-size sins all go to Purgatory; when babies die, their souls go to a place called Limbo. Latter day studies by sensible eclesiasts concluded that the Vatican and all the priests, including Tagle, were spreading fake news about purgatory and limbo, neither of which is mentioned in the Holy Bible. Purgatory and limbo are now admitted by the current Pope at the Vatican to be nonexistent, lies, no basis, just fake news.

Unsubstantiated news is common; happens all the time. A statement comes out in the front page or opinion column; the next day, a rectification follows with a new version--correcting what was previously stated as fact. Popular press frequently ends up with post script apologies for inaccurate statements made.

Good, bad, truth, lies... are on the most part undefinable; debatable. What is bad for Leila de Lima is good for President Duterte. And vice versa. What is truth for the Administration is lies for Sonny Trillanes. And vice versa.

The best we can define good vs bad: If you do an act beneficial to the majority, that is good. (Majority is 51%--there’s still 49% that don’t agree.)

Meanwhile, Aguirre has yet to dignify the accusation of the MAD coalition, and according to DOJ USec. Erickson Balmes, they want to read first the content of the complaint before giving their side on the matter. Meanwhile, the Ombudsman may have garbaged the complaint of the MAD Millennials Against Dictators.

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