December 12, 2017, 9:06 am
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On this, look at Duterte

 In the past President Ramos rolled up this sleeves--an act that was seen as a reflection of a ‘hands-on soldier” and he was forgiven for it when he stopped doing it in official functions and diplomatic gatherings. Soldiers always fold up their sleeves. Presidents are not expected to do that. 

The Barong Tagalog is a representation of the Filipino spirit, and much like the Philippine flag, is a representation of our very person as Filipinos.

 Dahli Aspillera wrote (November 29, 2017) about “respect the tradition” of the Barong Tagalog and hit Rajo Laurel’s rendition of the Barong Tagalog during an Asean activity. Granted that Rajo’s translation of the Barong Tagalog, may not exactly be “authentic,” it was creative license.

And I did see the photo of that event Ms. Aspillera mentioned, and I do agree that the rendition was not very flattering.

This is not the point of my letter.

I think the real person who rapes and violates the Barong Tagalog everyday and in the full view of the public is President Duterte, The way he carries the Barong is sloppy, leaving one button on top open, folding the sleeves, putting it portions of it in his pocket, even during official state functions! 

The real respect for tradition is ensuring the Barong is worn properly. And simply is to see the highest official of the land, everyday, wearing the Barong like it was a camisa chino, with absolutely no respect for what is represents.

Rajo Laurel was hired by whoever it is in government to do the clothes used in that Olympic event. And the real one who has repeatedly criminalized the Barong Tagalog? Ask Dahli Aspillera. – BODJIE TOLENTINO, Manila
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