July 19, 2018, 12:05 am
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THE word war between President Duterte and CCP founding chairman Jose Maria Sison will continue to escalate and so will the NPA offensives in many areas. 

The latest attack was the torching of heavy equipment and the disarming of a vice-mayor in Surigao del Sur. As Duterte claims, the government has agreed to numerous concessions. But the declaration and then extension of martial law was a crucial non-negotiable issue for the CPP/NPA/NDF. Duterte seemed to have abandoned the fact that the deeper stigma of martial law would never leave the consciousness of NPA cadres and most of their leaders in Ultrech and Oslo. Duterte himself may not be aware of the “dynamics” between hostile forces at the local level fueled by almost 50 years of armed conflict and vicious reprisals. And he has not done enough to seriously address the distrust for the scorned military and police which Duterte continued to heap with funding, rewards and benefits. But, the other side still craves for abundant privileges which it expected would match those provided most especially to the military. Duterte’s failure to fully assess the situation at Marawi before sending in the hapless AFP troops ill-prepared urban warfare was a clear indication of Duterte’s lamentable incapacity to confront the essential issues in a major conflict. He must have forgotten that the NPAs have regarded Marcos and his dictatorship as one entity. And on the ground a powerful and well-equipped military is out to fulfill the wiles of a dictator, no less. But now, Sison may have reached the end of his rope with Duterte and his administration without admitting it. And why should he take to task the NPA rebels involved in the ambush of the convoy of the Presidential Security Group in North Cotabato that targetted the President himself? Duterte should not have abandoned too early his mistrust of the CPP/NPA whom he regarded as friends in Davao. He himself has been familiar with the deeper social and cultural roots of the regional and local conflicts but seemed stumped from a national level. Despite his once pious talk of reconciliation with leftist rebels Duterte‘s penchant for unbridled violence now extends to the NPAs who as enemies of the state have turned objects of his bullying. More than just the cessation of political and military hostilities Duterte should find an inhospitable, ardous but magnificent way of unifying the two adrift forces as in Nelson Mandela’s South Africa.


Innovations and inventiveness can only go so far in the global empire of medical advancement and industry. The Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine (FAIM) whose mission is to create a revolution in worldwide health care has been closely following the “crusade” of the controversial Italian oncologist Dr. Tullio Simoncini. He has claimed that cancer can be cured using sodium bicarbonate or better known as baking soda. As we know, the official theory of cancer states that an initial cell has gone astray because of genetic mutations. “This cell multiplies in an aberrant way because it is not part of a higher order of unity of the organism where every cell accomplishes a limited but coordinated function”. Dr. Simoncini says this is not true and, instead points out that cancer is the body’s reaction to an insidious mycotic (fungal) infection. “The bombardment of cancer cells with chemotherapy and radiation makes them weaker, which leads to a losing tug-of-war with the fungus”. He also claims that the different fungi that infect the body are in reality a taxonomic artifice that gives different names to the same fungus depending on its location in the body. He applied the harmless baking soda to advanced cancers and got a remarkable curative response.

All over Europe and North America, his research protocols have been rejected because they were considered unethical. But, he undertook impressive proper and extensive clinical trials. “He claims that with bladder, prostate, skin and breast cancer, his protocol can give more than 90% success in less than four weeks, if the patient has not undergone previous chemo or radio therapy”. He accuses the medical institutions of being themselves unethical by “intentional negligence and that one day these will need to be examined by a Nurember-type trial”. “Because of this David and Goliath confrontation more and more people have been climbing into the bandwagon to cheer this lonely champion. Dr. Simoncini has hundreds of cured cases to prove his point. He has since gone off on a rampant global crusade to spread his ideas”. History, he says, eventually has given justice to torchbearers of truth like him.
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