February 25, 2018, 7:51 am
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Justice for Atio...

From Benjie Oliveros of Bulatlat Perspective, we learn:  This is why fraternities are very popular among apprehensive, insecure law students. A fledgling apprehensive, insecure lawyer could use a lot of help from “brothers” in big law firms, for jobs, in the judiciary, for favorable decisions in the cases they handle, in Congress, for the laws they are lobbying for or against, and in government, for contracts, franchises, and the like.

This system of fraternities is one of the factors that perpetuate the kind of politics the country has: violent, VIOLENT, with a propensity for cover up, yes, COVER UP... and heavy on patronage...The dark side of utang na loob.  Why? Because they start to train future politicians and members of the judiciary – on the kind of politics that we have – hazing-style violence...while they are still young, apprehensive, insecure, in law school.   

Each time I complete my tragedy list of neophytes’ death, another reader would send in additional names known to them or from their communities whose deaths were not publicized, and therefore not in my previous hazing death lists:

The first recorded hazing fatality in the nation was Gonzalo Mariano Albert of the University of the Philippines (UP) in 1954.  The death of Lenny Villa, killed by Aquila Legis of Ateneo in 1991 created the Anti-Hazing law.  New names in my list:
Emerson Berry Jr. — A 16-year-old fourth year student from the Casanayan National High School was beaten and died in initiation rites by members of the Beta Sigma Rho brotherhood in Pilar, Capiz.

Fernando Balidoy — An 18-year-old probationary midshipman died as he was undergoing initiation conducted by upperclassmen of the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy.

Monico de Guzman — A Philippine Military Academy plebe whose death was attributed to illness by academy officials. His father, however, believes Monico Jr died of the notorious “beat attack” against entrants in boot camp.

Edward Domingo — The 23-year-old Camiling, Tarlac native and Philippine Military Academy cadet reportedly died of cardio-respiratory attack due to injuries he suffered from hard blows to the lower part of the rib cage. Two cadets were convicted for homicide.

Ace Bernabe Ekid — The 21-year-old was said to have died from stroke due to rigorous training exercises at the Philippine Military Academy. His family and friends, however, insisted Ace was a victim of hazing and foul play.

On the death of Gonzalo Albert by Sigma Phi of U.P.  On the death of Marvin Reglos, law freshman of San Beda, where are those guilty Lambda Rho Beta today?  On the deaths of Nor Silongan, 16,  criminology student at Notre Dame of Tacurong College,  Noel Borja, Alternative Learning Systems student, Chester Paulo Abracia, sophomore marine technology student, Enverga U, Lucena, where are their  killer-fratmen of Tau Gamma Phi today? On the death of Menardo Clamucha, second year criminology student of U.Iloilo, and Dan Robert Talibutab, St. Therese College, Iloilo,  where are their killers from the   Fraternity of Young Criminologists?   

On the death of EJ Intia of U.Makati, with those Alpha Phi Omega fratmen involved, where are these masters today?   On the death of John Mark Dugan, 19, sophomore of Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific.  On the death of Dennis Victorina of U.P., where are those guilty Sigma Rhoans today?  On the death of Guillo Cesar Servando of St. Benilde, where are the Tau Gamma Phi fratmen involved?  On the death of Marc Andre Marcos of San Beda, where are the Lex Leonum fratmen involved today?  On the death of John Daniel Samparanda, Lyceum Cavite,  where are those Tau Gamma Phi fratmasters today?  On the death of Noel Borja Jr., 15, in the hands of Gamma Phi masters.   On the death of Elvin Sinaluan, 21, and Glacy Monique Dimaranan, 15, with a bullet  during initiation.  Where are those Scout Royal Brotherhood-Laguna killers today?

On the death of Karl Anthony Gaudicos, 18, engineering student, Holy Cross Davao College, where are the Tau Gamma Phi and Tau Gamma Sigma masters today?  On the death of Cris Anthony Mendez, U.P. student dead during a mauling, where Sigma Rho deny knowledge of the mauling? On the death of Jan Angelo Dollete of Capiz, where are his Alpha Phi Omega killers today?  On the death of Clark Anson Silverio, UP mechanical engineering student, where today are his Tau Gamma Phi masters? On the death of Frederick Cahiyang of the U.Visayas in Cebu.  On the death of Raul Camaligan of San Beda College.  On the death of  Felipe Narne of Araullo in Cabanatuan City.  On the death of Dennis Cenedoza of the Cavite Naval Training Center.  

On the death of Marlon Villanueva, AgEcon of UPLB, a conspiracy to keep secret the name of a brutal frat? On the death of Mark Welson Chua, UST killed by fellow students for whistle-blowing on corruption or victim of hazing, whose conspiracy to murk the case?   On the death of  Joselito Mangga of the Philippine Merchant Marine Institute.  On the death of  Joselito Hernandez, U.P. Baguio City.  On the death of Rafael Root Albano III, medical student FEU, Laguna in a conspiracy, where are the involved Sigma Mu frat members today?  

On the death of Fernando Balidoy, 18, in a hazing; where are those upperclassmen of the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy today?   On Monico de Guzman,  Edward Domingo, Ace Bernabe Ekid, PMA plebes, where are their mistahs today who allowed these plebes to be maltreated inhumanely to destruction?  On the death of Emerson Berry Jr, Casanayan HS, where are those of the Beta Sigma Rho who killed him in Capiz?  On the death of John Mark Dugan, 19, marine cadet, where today are his masters who killed him during hazing.

The next freshman to die from brutality of  fraternity masters’ hazing may be your son or grandson.   Or some young man you know who do not deserve to be beaten to death by imaginary brothers.  Warn your young boys early and seriously against killer fraternity brods.   The first to die was Lenny Villa.   Latest hazing initiation victim last month  was Atio Castillo III,  UST freshman law, dead in the hands of the Aegis Juris fraternity.


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