March 22, 2018, 7:54 am
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Illuminating and enhancing spaces through architectural lighting

A good lighting can create a more pleasant environment that can improve mood, create a sense of place and desired atmosphere and boost productivity. The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety defines good lighting as providing enough illumination so that people can see printed, handwritten or displayed documents clearly but are not blinded by excessively high light levels (a cause of glare).  

It is a good idea to choose lighting solutions that are backed by history, research and constant innovations such as world-renowned brands that are distributed by Steltz The Gallery.

While Steltz is widely known as a respected local supplier of luxe, high-end lighting sculptures from all over the world, their architectural line of fixtures also has an impressive portfolio. One of their best-selling brands would be European lighting expert, Flos that covers a whole range of products that are easy on the eyes and still very stylish.  These are technologically advanced lighting solutions that brighten areas while seamlessly blending with walls, ceilings and outdoor spaces of homes, resorts, hotels, condominiums and other establishments.  

Among the most popular Flos architectural lighting solutions  are The Black Line, for totally glare-free lighting in extremely compact dimensions; and the Tracking Magnet, which offers flexibility and adaptability as the fixtures are contained in a magnetized rail for flush, surface, or suspended installation with minimal impact on architecture. 

The brand new Infrastructure line, meanwhile, is a modern interpretation of the Bauhaus style with a durable tubular steel profile with a magnetized rail to be used for surface installations of one or more parallel lines. The line has a full range of LED luminaries that can offer direct or indirect light, with adjustable hanging projectors.

Customers may seek the assistance of Steltz for their general/architectural lighting needs including proper placement of lights, wattage and deciding on the right fixtures. They can also recommend architects, designers and consultants with whom they have previously worked or collaborated to customers looking for experts in lighting designs.

Flos and other architectural  lighting products that answer the practical and functional specifications of spaces, (whether outdoor or indoor) while blending effortlessly with one’s home or workplace can be found at Steltz The Gallery located at the 6th floor, East Wing, EDSA Shangri-la Plaza Mall
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