April 23, 2018, 12:40 am
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Holidays! You, Under-The-Influence...

HOW did the authorities in the USA and elsewhere get to ban the promotion of addictive and health-destroying tobacco and intoxicants? Simple. Political will! American tobacco and liquor manufacturers and American citizens themselves, have deep love for their countrymen, Americans. So American manufacturers of tobacco and addictive alcoholic drinks are agreeable to not push their products to their American compatriots.

In the Philippines, the tobacco and liquor manufacturers are aliens who don’t care what happens to Filipinos. Their hearts do not belong to the Philippines and Filipinos. The sin industry here is not concerned with nationalism, patriotism, ethnocentricity, empathy, ethics. All that the alien sin manufacturers are after is profit.

The intense promotion of media adds up to create a pro-drinking atmosphere. 

Professor Gerard Hastings of Sterling University in Britain, the first authority in social marketing, said “broadcast media is thoroughly grooming our young people in a drinking behavior that is extremely damaging to their health.” Hasting’s research had shown that 96 percent of 13-year-olds were aware of alcohol advertising in some form or other.

It is difficult to imagine the Philippines ever banning media advertising of liquor. Media’s lifeblood must push people, the young too, to pleeease get addicted to alcohol. The listeners of radio and TV in the Philippines are bombarded with the joys, delights, and marvels of drunkeness.

Media sexy model, exaggerates her bedroom seductive voice to get the young to discover… be addicted to gin and vodka: “You are under my arrest… you have the right to party all night… you have the right to do anything you want to do… to drink gin and vodka… you have the right to be crazy … you have the right to be loud… to be loved… you have the right to be happy… anything you say or do will make you a party animal when you are drunk!”

Is this model also pushing gin and vodka at home on her children and grandchildren? Shouldn’t it be against the law for her to push alcohol on other people’s children and grandchildren? Shouldn’t this model, as part of an alcohol syndicate, get indicted when gin or vodka-addled drunks run over pedestrians? Or when someone gets ill and tax-payers’ money is spent by the DOH to get him well, or dies from all the illnesses caused by intoxication?

In between, pushing gin and vodka, broadcast media newcasters have endless news reports of tragedies caused by drunks. Almost all accidents that involve and kill many innocents are caused by a person driving under the influence (DUI).

An alcoholic is a person who, up to recently, was a social drinker. Soon, he is drinking alcohol more and more. Now, he finds that when he has no alcohol in his system, he does not feel well… is having weird experiences—hallucinations, migraine, discomforts, restlessness, anxieties, depression. He is seeing sparks... blinding shining, or huge ominous objects dropping on him, where there are none. He cannot sleep. He has nightmares. He cannot concentrate on his work. When he drives, he feels as though the ground is shaking or tilting. These are all withdrawal symptoms when his brain craves more alcohol.

All these weird feelings will go away when he swallows any alcoholic drink. Alcoholic drinks cause these ill effects; then to the addicted, more alcohol cures these ill effects. He feels normal again when there is alcohol in his brain. He needs alcohol in the morning before going to work so that he will feel good and keep himself without those weird withdrawal symptoms while at work.

But while alcohol makes the addict think he can function normally again, many other effects of alcohol in his brain make him unstable. His judgment, perception, decisions, impulses are affected.

The need for alcohol to the drunk, is as food-hunger for the average person. A person who has not had food for days become malnourished and cannot function. A man who is very hungry will do anything for food. The same with those addicted to alcohol. Without alcohol, the addict is starving. The difference: hunger for good food is life-sustaining. Hunger for alcohol is a death trap because of its damage to brain, nerves and vital organs, and this addict kills others too.


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