November 24, 2017, 10:52 pm
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High pressure selling

Sales staff walking around  are approaching and sweet-talking victims.  Once inside the store, six or eight (most earn only commissions) surround the victim with high pressure selling.  Here now, gone tomorrow are these sales people, and so are the stores, rejected by the mall for numerous complaints from customers about their illegal high pressure selling.

These well-trained sellers lure you to look at their, say, exercise machine for free. The un-oriented would think--no harm in looking.  Interest lets them know that here’s a prospective gullible who can be pressured to buy anything.

They compliment and ask about your earrings, your nice teeth, your hairdo.  They are well trained to bombard you with questions that you can’t think.   Your sales resistance weakens by their endless chatter, compliments, questions, high pressure selling.  Be suspicious of any  stranger who is overly friendly.  

The wise advice you should follow is, do not buy today!  When  you return tomorrow, they  will still give you that 30% discount they’re offering  you today.

These high-pressure sellers will flatter you:  “You look like you own a bank charge card.  Do you have a charge card?”  Most gullible will pull out their card  to show off.  Mistake!  Never show your charge card to these mall itinerant sellers. 

Once they get you into their store, these trained high pressure sales people will borrow your card.  Before you know it, they have slipped it into  their swiper.  Intimidated, committed, you stupidly sign the debit slip. 

So the rule is:  Tell them you own no bank charge card.  Their target is your charge card, and if you bring it out, that card  in their hand may complete a sale.  Be warned.

1) They do not give a BIR official receipt, so they cheat the Philippines of taxes.

2)  The manufacturer’s foreign and local complete address, telephone numbers, any identification are not printed anywhere, not on the manual, receipt, warranty, packaging, business cards.  If the only address given is the mall store.  These itinerant sellers may not be in their rented store next time you look.

3)  You are promised that the charge will not go through until one month later.  In fact, as your card is swiped, your money is pulled out, not next month, but this very moment. 

4)  These high-pressure sales people promise  “Warranty” but they give no identifiable written warranty, and when your item breaks down, their store has moved out of the mall.  The brands they carry are usually fly-by-night; unknown.

5)  Do not buy today!  When you say, I will be back tomorrow, they get a 30% discount if you buy today!   When you return tomorrow you will still get the 30% discount.  Or better, buy from a reputable establishment with known store brand, and not from a fly-by-night store.

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