July 18, 2018, 6:36 pm
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Heaven’s Wrath on Christmas?

With the dominant Catholic Church and Born-Again Christian denominations bearing down hard on President Duterte for condoning thousands of extra-judicial killings could it be that heaven’s vengeful wrath has finally descended on his beloved turf, the two provinces of Davao?

Typhoon Vinta rampaged through eastern Mindanao after making an unexpected landfall at Davao Oriental where residents had not known or seen any similar deluge in recent memory. On Christmas Eve the people of Davao City found themselves mourning for 37 killed in a mall fire instead of commencing their celebration in the most festive holiday of the year. The incident was particularly agonizing for Duterte who openly wept after finding out that the trapped victims had no way to survive the blaze.  Another typhoon, Agaton, was to make landfall morning of January 2 and would follow a similar path of destruction coming from deadly landslides and floods in eastern Mindanao. Scores of non-Bible believers have been stunned by God’s power and might unleashed in times of idolatry and disobedience found especially in the Book of Kings and Psalms. And there seems to be no clear indication on this planet, except on the foreseen ravages of climate change which had been predictably Biblical, why Mindanao which had been storm-free is now suddenly beset by these brutal assaults of nature?

The great evangelist and pastor Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) made five resolutions in his youth. 1. Live with all my might while I do live (He died at age 55). 2. Never lose one moment of time, but improve it in the most profitable way possible. 3. Never do anything I should despise or think meanly of in another. 4. Never do anything out of revenge. 5. Never do anything which I should be afraid to do if it were the last hour of my life.  

With the sudden resignation of Paolo Duterte as vice mayor of Davao City, speculations about his involvement in the P6.4-billion shabu smuggling through the Port of Manila have resurfaced. Unconfirmed reports of father and son figuring repeatedly in heated verbal tussles had been apparently triggered by exposes in the Senate hearing by Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV. The refusal of Pulong Duterte to show whether he bares a Hongkong Triad tattoo on his back has fueled speculations that he was part of the Davao Group that connived with the powerful drug syndicate. Duterte tried to disguise the real reason for his sudden departure from public office with troubles from a failed marriage and a controversial daughter. The popularity of his father undiminished by the surging local and international pressure to stop the still mounting EJKs has clouded the drug issue involving him and his brother-in-law, Mans Carpio. The rest of the country should refrain from deceiving itself that the voice of the people is the voice of God and indeed one’s popularity has nothing to do with uprightness and Godly living. The names of the young

Duterte and Carpio had been raised repeatedly linking them to the Triad and their refusal to respond to questions especially from Trillanes has not helped. Certainly, the people deserve something better on such a vital issue to determine the criminal accountability of a member of the first family than President Duterte and his son carrying out a personal and public demolition on Trillanes and gloating endlessly for the opposition stalwart “to just sweat it out.”
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