December 12, 2017, 9:06 am
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Five decades of killing

It’s almost five decades since the NPA started their campaign against the government and there are already thousands of individuals who have sacrificed their lives trying to end the rebellion. The PRRD administration has always been persistent in negotiating with the rebel group in order to stop the conflict. Some of the group’s demands were approved in exchange. But during negotiations and even with the activation of peace talks, the rebel group still continue to conduct offensive operations against the government forces such as ambushes, harassments, abductions and even collection of the so-called “revolutionary tax”.

Due to their continued depredations and with the killing of a 4-month old infant, the president was triggered and finally decided to dim out the further peace talks with the group. And in that case, he had finally classified and declared the rebel group as “terrorists”.

The group have always been blaming the government, not only PRRD but also the past administrations for the ever-collapsing peace talks due to the president’s “insincerity”. But people began to realize that the rebel group don’t really want peace, thanks to the social medias. Filipinos began to see the real motive of the group and that is to install a Communist Government.

Jose Maria Sison now in exile in the Netherlands, shameless and stubborn as he is, would obviously want to suppress the weak and use his methods in instilling communist rules in the nation. Despite all the efforts of the government for peace, not to mention the AFP’s move of supporting the proposal for a localized peace talks with the communist rebels despite the decl
aration of the president last November 23, 2017. The rebel group would still intensify their campaign and spread narrow mentality.

The president had finally signed the Proclamation No. 360, terminating further peace talks with the group and this decision is not to be questioned. The group has shown various hostilities nationwide and has been very stubborn with the acceleration of the signing and implementation of the peace agreement. The group claiming to speak in behalf of the people but in reality, they are the ones giving people the hard time to earn a living, with the so-called revolutionary tax they’ve been collecting from farmers and mining companies or basically the sugar-coated “extortion”. – Elise Batanese, Pasay City
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