July 18, 2018, 11:38 pm
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Faeldon’s mission

PRESIDENT Duterte has time and again warned the people working in his government about corruption and dishonesty, stressing that he will not tolerate thievery of public funds or incompetence in the work place.

Duterte has gone on record as to say that even an iota of evidence, or a hint that corruption exists in one’s office, he will act accordingly. In fact, several top-level officials including a senior Cabinet member had been dismissed from the service because of this policy.

The case of Customs Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon somewhat puts in doubt the anti-corruption and anti-incompetence campaigns of the President.

Two congressional hearings had been made, one in the Senate and one in the House of Representatives, and each one established without doubt the incompetence and/or corruption that bedevil the smooth flow of work at the BOC.

Yet Commissioner Faeldon justifies his being there, taunting the senators and representatives calling for his resignation, telling them that he is a soldier with a mission, and only President Duterte may fire him.

The two congressional hearings which were televised in full for all the people to see clearly established that Faeldon’s handling and administration at the Bureau of Customs leaves much to be desired.

The absence of PDEA officials during the raid on the Valenzuela warehouse where P6-billion worth of shabu was seized, the tampering of evidence, the fact that only a select group of Customs officers participated in the raid, and the utter lack of knowledge of the law and even of basic procedures -- all these were established in the hearings.

Yet Faeldon chose to stay, and President Digong decided to back him up some more. What gives?

Perhaps the President is privy to information that we do not know, and we give him the benefit of the doubt in retaining Faeldon at customs. After all, the commissioner is a presidential appointee and can be removed by the appointing power. Or he can resign if he thinks he won’t be effective in his work. Or if he values his soldiery honor more than the remuneration of a customs commissioner.

The public and the media will definitely look forward to watching the next congressional hearings about this mother of all shabu smuggling cases.
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