January 24, 2018, 9:27 am
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English dumbing down

Are there others out there who can see that broadcast media - radio, but more so TV - do their share in the corruption of the spoken words? 

TV decision-makers must see it cute to choose an English word, proceed to spell it weird: atorni, enterteymen, aksyon, klasik, adyenda, inumins (drinks), howsabout and hows-ever, many others I don’t remember for not watching TV.

When TV-raised kids take the college entrance tests such as the UPCAT, and spell words in the same way TV does, their only end is failure. 

With 2nd hand pocket dictionaries available for 50 pesos, it’s a wonder that TV news writers don’t mentor newscasters the correct English pronunciations.

We all have had the experience of sitting in the audience straining to understand what the alien speaker is talking about. He may be an expert in his field of knowledge, with a chain of degrees after his name, but English is not his native language. Our inability to understand him or her is due to the person’s lack of knowledge in how English words are pronounced and accented. 

Absurd words and wrong pronunciation are deeply imbedded into broadcast media: Sumemplang, karambolan, umarangkada. Irritating ZZZ’s: phazzzed-out, Izzzlamic, rezzzearch, Malayzzzia, That Great Country, U Ehzzz Zzzei, lamierda....

[Again, “lamierda” is Spanish for defacating, CR BM. But too many newscasters say lamierda in open mike when they mean rest-break, to walk off, take a breather, magpasyal, magpahinga, maglibot, magliwaliw.]

Instead of sumemplang and karambolan, the Filipino dictionary has appropriate words, if anyone bothered to look: banggaan, sanggaan, bungguan, sagupaan, nagkadiit, sagasa.

TV Channel 11 and PNP officials - both interviewer and interviewees - pronouncing in-TER-ference instead of inter-FEE-rence; CA-davers instead of ca-DA-vers; recon-NAI-sance instead of re-CON-nesance. Not Ney-pah, it is Nah-pah (Napa Valley in California).

Witless oldie housemates pass on language errors, to become habit to the young ones. Lola read, learned, said “ren-des-voos” and all the youngsters around her pronounced rendezvous likewise. Until corrected when the youngsters get to college.


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