March 22, 2018, 4:26 am
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E-cigarette not a healthy replacement

It is proven that E-cigarette is not actually a healthy replacement over a regular cigarette. Traditional cigarette is popularly known as a great cause of accumulated diseases due to its drug content; nicotine. In a pervasive electronic world, E-cigarette is made to replace traditional cigarette with the hope of decreasing smoking from a prolonged period of time.

John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health research shows that vapour from E-cigarette contains free radicals that can potentially damage cells; it also contains nicotine that is just masked by flavoured smells. In other words, E-cigarette creates a false sense of security to smokers thinking they are saving themselves from a risky health-related vice by switching to a fancier and much more expensive smoke.

Meaning the only way to save one’s self is to abstain from smoking and eventually the urge will go away.

Smoking is a stress-related coping technique that it becomes a need, they say but I think it is faulty logic for a want to become a need. Humans are driven by two common denominators that are the “needs” and the “wants.” Needs are things that we cannot live without, (it is what makes us the same) while wants are influenced by culture. Smoking is obviously a want which proves that smokers can totally ban themselves from doing so; avoiding self-inflicted diseases as well as sharing the same risk to other people around them. 

This is a friendly reminder to smokers that if they do not love themselves enough to quit smoking, they should think about the people they love and love them back. They might actually surprise themselves how little it means to waste their lives away because of a strong unruly desire to look cool. Personally, the state of mind must be changed first before witnessing an actual change. – DIANNE TANGBAWAN BERTOLDO, TUA
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