July 23, 2018, 12:07 am
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Duterte and Valles... in the ring

AT the tête-à-tête of the two presidents, it is unlikely that President Duterte took up with CBCP President Romulo Valles peoples’ concerns such as: was it really an apple that the snake gave to Eve in Paradise, or does Valles know if it’s some other tropical fruit like atis or santol? 

(I find this a puzzlement, because if Paradise is tropical, apples will not grow there—this is what Filipino agriculturists are told by Americans, so we just import or smuggle in apples.)

One can see that the irritations and problems between the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, CBCP, and the Duterte administration is the pakikialam of the CBCP on the President’s job and the President’s soul. Even today, when conciliation is the agenda, CBCP just cannot stop attacking the Duterte administration:

CBCP:  “Fast, pray, do almsgiving from July 17 to 19, invoking God’s mercy and justice on those who have blasphemed God’s Holy Name, those who slander and bear false witness, and those who commit murder or justify murder as a means for fighting criminality in our country... Such problems faced by clergymen are nothing when compared to the sufferings of the people, especially the poor who are being jailed for loitering, drug addicts who are labeled as non-humans, and indigenous peoples displaced from their ancestral lands to give way to mining companies.”  Isn’t this a CBCP stab’n’twist at the President?

Valles’s CBCP has been accusing the administration of being responsible for all the dead illegal drug manufacturers, shop and den keepers, dealers, runners, distributors—8,000 killed by Duterte if one is to believe the CBCP and their very loyal partisan supporters; 4,000 if one is to believe that the dead are involved in the drug industry, getting rid of each other or shooting it out with the police.

The CBCP refuses to accept that the President has abandoned the romano church God, to worship his own god. The CBCP thought they could force the President to march to the beat of the Romano God’s drummer.

The President wants detachment, wants no business with the interfering, noisy ones in organized religions. The President is head of the country, having enjoyed an unprecedented five million plurality of voters. Peaceful coexistence is all that the Administration desires from organized religions. The President does not tell the CBCP how to do their jobs. CBCP should not tell the President how to do his job.
Separation of church and state.

PRRD, taking seriously the separation of church and state, wishes that those holier-than-thou pastors of organized religions would leave him and his soul alone.

Duterte, in the past, has advised his critics to take up their problems with him to God. “If you have something against me or my mouth or my character, go to God and complain.  This is how He made me. He is the one to be blamed. Why should I change? God made me the way I am. God gave me this identity and God gave me this mouth.”


Boracay LGUs:  “We allowed the foreigners in to swim; the foreigners were properly screened.”  SCREENED?  What is screened—that they are not terrorists; have no skin disease, no STD, no HIV?  It was absolutely forbidden by the administration to allow all, ALL outsiders into Boracay. Sa magkano?


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