January 16, 2018, 11:12 pm
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Duterte’s war on illegal drugs defended

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Roa Duterte must have been pleasantly surprised by the unsolicited support for his relentless war on illegal drugs in this country by the famous American actor and politician Arnold Schwarszengger, by British international law expert Dr. Alfred Sanders, and social media personality Krizette Chu. 

On his part, Schwarzenegger, former California and Hollywood actor, described President Duterte as “a real starring and a fighter” in present times. He admonished some members of the US Congress for concluding that President Duterte is undeserving to engage with the United States because of the so-called EJK or extra judicial killings as a result of Duterte’s war on illegal drugs.

Schwarzenegger also said that the Philippine president has every right to have diplomatic engagements with the United States whether or not the US Congress approves it.

Finally, Schwarzenegger concluded,, “Duterte has depicted that his top most priority as president was to protect the people at whatever cost.” .

On his part, Dr. Sanders, who is also an Oxford College of Law professor, hit the International Criminal Justice over complaints of human rights violations against President Duterte.

Sanders did this during an international legal forum held at Munich, Germany. It’s impossible to file criminal complaints against a president who has very high ratings in his country.. 

He noted that the cases filed with the International Commission in Geneva against Duterte was sponsored by politicians. “This alone can raise many questions. Why politicians? Why not civil society groups in the Philippines?“

Duterte’s current approval rating is at 78 percent, which is considered “very high”, according to Sanders. “Is this the type of man who will kill his own people?. I am not convinced.”

The forum was attended by more than 300 law professors from Europe and the United States, and Philippine President Duterte was one of the highly-debated topics. 

Here in the Philippines, a social media personality Krizette Chu noted that Duterte has done more for this country than all past presidents after Marcos combined.

“I will continue fighting for him, not just in words but in action,” she declared. “I will devote my time and effort to help him bring change to this country.”


The true roots of extrajudicial violence in the Philippines can be traced to the Aquino administration, and not to the Duterte administration, according to The New Times.

The NYT also blamed then President Noynoy Aquino for his failure to crack down on the illegal drug trade and his failure to fix the slow justice system in the Philippines. 


By the way, today June 8 marks the 50th anniversary of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean).

Fortunately, the Philippines is chairman of Asean during its Golden Anniversary with President Duterte as its leader. ”This gives the country a chance to evaluate and celebrate achievements of the regional association,’’ in the view of one geopolitical observer, and if it plays its cards right, it can play the pivotal role in the Asian Century...” 


Quote of the Day: “If there is one thing that terrifies a politician, it is the thought of losing his easy and luxurious seat, being taken out of the limelight and relegated to the obscurity from which he came. The prospect of having to earn whatever money he gets and pays taxes like other people brings on a cold chill and makes almost human!” – Anon.
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