January 16, 2018, 11:13 pm
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Divorce, a need whose time has come

The “media circus” is not exclusively the doing of Patricia Bautista.  Both are  airing dirty laundry.   The following was revealed by  Andres Bautista himself.  Below are what I recall hearing, none of which are from the wife’s  camp.   They all came from the press cons and interviews of Andres Bautista:  

That his wife has had a third-party that factored in their estrangement in 2013, that Patricia has been seeing someone else.  That his wife forcibly opened his cabinet and took documents, cash, ATMs, gift certificates, bank passbooks, financial reports and an IPad.  That he filed cases for grave coercion, qualified theft, robbery, among others against his wife.

That he made charges against his wife in connection with the latter’s accusation that he has unexplained wealth amounting to close to P1 billion.   He told media that he did not lie in his SALN.  That the money  was in the name of his parents, siblings.  That his wife is guilty of extortion.  That he denies all of his wife’s allegations and dismissed them as fabricated lies.

He told media his estranged wife stole cash, checks and other financial documents belonging to him and his family.   He claims his wife attempted to  blackmail him using her lawyers and media contacts.  That with media people at the Taguig City prosecutor’s office, he raised four fingers to indicate the number of charges he filed against his wife.

He accused his wife of attempting to extort money from him while she was having a relationship.   That his wife is motivated by greed and that she will stop at nothing to besmirch his reputation and that of his family, for the purpose of financial gain.   He said that his wife is allowing herself to be used by certain people and groups to promote a political agenda designed to cast aspersions on him and the Comelec’s work in the 2016 elections.

He said that the cash, GCs, ATM cards and other financial documents, his wife’s lawyers embellished, doctored or fabricated.   He said he is willing to quit his post if proven that the allegations were true.  He called Atty. Lorna Kapunan, his wife’s lawyer, ridiculous;  to be ignored, that he’s not afraid of her...that Atty.  Kapunan is really rude.

He showed media the cover letter of a draft impeachment complaint prepared against him with threat if he does not agree with the terms of their settlement.   He accused his wife of transferring thousands of dollars and pesos into her account.  And many more details about the feud, details coming from Andres Bautista himself, creating a media circus.

Abigail Valte, former spokesperson of ex-President  Aquino, joined what Andres Bautista refers to as a “media circus.”   Valte is in defense of the team of Andres Bautista, Mar Roxas, Mar’s USec Rene Limcaoco whose family owns Luzon Development Bank where Bautista has 35 passbooks containing a total of P329,220,962 as  alleged by his wife Patricia Bautista. Valte was responding to published reports of journalist Chari Villa that Bautista has received checks from Dean Nilo Divina’s Law Office.  Smartmatic is represented by Divina Law office, alleged Villa.

There will be more on  the continuing saga of the case of  Mrs. Bautista vs Mr. Bautista.  And if we are to believe Patricia Bautista, what we will next hear is,  The People of the Philippines vs Mr. Bautista.  


A hypothetical couple--has been out-of-love since 2013, almost 5 years of misery and hatred, but forced to live under the same roof,  dealing daily with each other.  All because the Catholic  church orders the government not to allow divorce; prohibit  finding happiness elsewhere.  If there was divorce for people who are hopelessly out-of-love, what might the court system do for them?  A divorce (not a Hollywood or Las Vegas divorce).   Serious, equitable divorce like they have in every sensible country in the world, except the Philippines.  

Each party will get a lawyer.  Both lawyers will meet two or three times together at a Starbuck, haggling for each client, legally and equitably dividing the assets and children custody according to the dictates of the law.  The wife is a successful lawyer earning P300,000 a month.  The husband is a private school teacher earning P48,000 a month.  The lawyers add both incomes = P348,000.  The three children’s lifestyle to which they are accustomed  (private schools, tennis, music, and ballet lessons, restaurants, vacations, medicals, etc.) = P100,000/month.  

Leftover is P248,000 divided by 2 = P124,000 for the wife; P124,000 for the husband.  

The wife will have to give P76,000 of her salary as alimony/support for her ex-husband as the law dictates.   If the salaries were reversed, it is the husband who would give the alimony of P76,000 of his salary to the wife.   They all will have to move out of their extravagant home and move to 2 cheaper apartments.  Custody of the children is shared by father and mother in separate  happy homes.   This is an equitable divorce.  

Such a divorce in the Philippines would have avoided the tragedy of the likes of Ruby Barrameda, killed over child custody.  The Philippines has had many parricides in desperate marriages frequently with the wife as victim.   While murder of husbands are far between, the abused, livid, desperate  Pinay gets even when her husband wakes up castrated and bleeding.  Such tragedy can be avoided by the justice system  by allowing many dysfunctional, unhappy couples to legally break up.


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