March 22, 2018, 4:14 am
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Is change coming for real?

Is change coming for real?

Most of the Filipinos are probably pleased with the improvements and changes that occur in the present administration. Some might not be fully satisfied but are somehow convinced that, maybe, President Duterte is here for a change.

A few things have changed the picture of the country. Some illegal mining operations are suspended quickly–thanks to Environment Secretary Gina Lopez. Emergency and complaint hotlines which, perhaps, could take years to launch are now utilized nationwide. Also, how
is it that the government took only a short time to allow the regular taxis to carry passengers from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA)? Not to mention the militants’ first personal encounter with the president to talk about their concerns.

Change is too rare for the past years that it flips us over our seats if we hear or experience one. It seems too good to be true. However, everything that is going on nowadays could be a hint of light for us but I hope this will not vanish just as we are beginning to trust the
government for the nth time.

We could not justify yet if the Philippines will be able to get past its neighboring countries or even get in the same level. There are crucial internal crises that have to be solved first as well as international disputes that need to be acted upon carefully.

It is not that we demand so much from the administration alone but this land is sick of the same situations, ningas cogon officials, and empty promises. Hopefully, more good news will come over than bad ones. Hopefully, the officials are not only doing stunts because the
camera is on them.

Our country has been enduring its multiple issues and the government should not dismay its hopeful people. Most of all, the citizens should be part of the little steps toward the aimed betterment. – QUEENIE RESMUNDO, PUP
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