June 27, 2017, 10:10 pm
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Bringing back God

Soul-searching government officials during the Holy Week, including President  Duterte, should try to acknowledge the power of our Creator and God in the affairs of men before they themselves are blinded by the display of their own material power. At the pantheon of their iconic political careers some, like Pantaleon Alvarez and Tony Boy Floreindo, disregard crucial moral issues and  have cared little about the impact of their open infidelities on their real families and on the rest of society, as well. We are almost sure that their loose moral moorings would affect dearly the integrity and quality of their leadership which has left out Godly virtues. Ultimately they would be unable to reach lofty and noble ideals benefitting their poor and marginalized countrymen. We wonder from where have they uncovered the “truths” that otherwise misguided their social and personal lives, but do hope that they could rediscover the real truth in   Jesus Christ. And that real truth that “Jesus is the way, the truth and the life” manifested itself in the true account of one courageous and noble visionary who accomplished what could have been impossible before the eyes of the world.

Never before had men stood up and said, “There are no gods in our state; mankind has all the potential within himself; science, equality and economic progress hold the key to the future”. And for the first time in history, a state had attempted to eradicate all concept of God from society. One man, Mikhail Gorbachev, virtually stood against an empire to bring God back first to his own people and changed the course of late twentieth century. President  Duterte should look up to him as much of the world still does, instead of   current Russian President Valdimir Putin. 

In his book “The Gospel’s Triumph Over Communism”, Michael Bourdeaux wrote that it seemed astonishing that that neither the Red Army or the KGB blocked Gorbachev’s extraordinary efforts against the world of communism.

The remarkable thing is “why the KGB acquiesced as central control over the USSR republics collapsed and the whole Soviet system appeared to be tottering towards a rapid end”. “The old logic would have demanded the hardening of opposition and the overthrow of Gorbachev at a dozen different points, but he has shown statesmanship of unprecedented calibre in dominating the public debates, staying one jump ahead of his opponents and even turning to his advantage the endless contradictions, where what he has dismissed as impossible one week is implemented the next.”

What secular international media failed to grasp was Gorbachev’s spiritual enlightenment that had reshaped his convictions and governance. Particularly significant, as Bourdeaux wrote, was that “everywhere he went in the western or ‘capitalist’ world, he met church leaders.” “During the Reykjavik Summit with US President Ronald Reagan his wife Raisa visited a Lutheran church while her husband conferred. In Washington he met a circle of church leaders. In London, even during a visit lasting less than forty-eight hours, he met the Archbishop of Canterbury over a private lunch with the Queen. He also visited Westminster Abbey where he heard the choir sing and later to St. Paul’s Cathedral when he became Soviet Premier. On December 1, 1989 Gorbachev met with the Pope at the Vatican which led to the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Kremlin and the Vatican. Without any doubt Gorbachev’s leadership paved the way for the “liberation of Christianity, of religion in general, after seventy years of systematic and brutal persecution under the law and the spontaneous rejection of millions (in Eastern and Central Europe, as well as in the Soviet Union) of a uniform communist materialism in favour of the spiritual dimension in any of its multiple forms”.

In the book’s prologue, Bourdeax writes, “This book is not only a record of a significant moment in Christian history: more importantly, it proves decisively that even in our secular age the ways of God are more powerful than the most systematic machinations of the minds of men”.
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