October 20, 2017, 9:35 am
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AIDS in our midst

NO one in government seems able to help check the rapid spread of AIDS that has posted 29 new cases of infections daily, as the Dept of Health stands helplessly by. It has documented 82% of new AIDS patients from teenagers as ‘’men having sex with men’’.

No one seems daring enough to “crash” the LGBT community and try to be a voice of restraint against sexual intimacies among “men”. Unlike forbidden live-in heterosexual relationships which can be stumped in the face of any legal or civil case, same-sex live-in partners are not subject to any civil, legal or even religious constraints. Commonly frowned upon third sex relations have been practically endorsed by big-time personalities in the entertainment broadcast and print media. The AIDS awareness campaign of both government and zealous NGOs has apparently been overcome by the more exciting and irresistible themes of homosexual romance, drama and sex on TV and the internet. The cinemas, especially Filipino indies, have not lacked for various themes on homosexual life. The blockbuster Hollywood movie “Brokeback Mountain” seemed to have opened the floodgates for local same-sex production. TV action and drama series are replete with third sex relationships such as “Arrow” and “ Supergirl”. The award-winning MIFF movie “Die Beautiful” portrays what has been the common lifestyles of talented and physically well-endowed gays. They also go through unusually major hearbreaks in life: rejection by their families especially by utterly harsh fathers and material exploitation by endless male partners. But, interestingly, the movie does not deal even partially with the AIDS outbreak. Certainly, this columnist is not inclined to view homosexuality in an unfavorable light but the downside of unrestricted sexual relations among males producing the highest incidents ever of AIDS in our country should give us pause. 

Many of today’s youth have virtually plunged into homosexual relationships without as much care in the world. The new year opened with a staggering account - 82% of AIDS patients belong to ages 15 to 24.

What else can explain the deterioration of youthful behavior from the former afflicted age of 30 to 40 yrs victimized by the globally-dreaded disease but the breakdown of many poor and middle-class families and the exposure of the youth through the decadence and materialistic entertainment media. The youthful restlessness has fed on the sexual exuberance from the almost open physical inhibitions and intimacies from both sexes. Private and public universities should now more than ever feel challenged to rise above their academic curriculum to instill a deeper and spiritual outlook on life instead of demanding patent levels of so-called excellence and achievements from the students. Will it help if safe sex among same sexes be taught instead of school authorities turning the perennial blind eye to the covert homosexual behavior practically in all college campuses in our country? 

Senator Panfilo Lacson could have echoed what should have been a part of President Duterte’s New Year’s message. But no, the latter would rather open the year with his unremorseful diligence to virtually pursue more extra judicial killings through the brutal drug war which has become an international concern. Lacson is proposing that government provide compensation for families of innocent victims of extrajudicial killings. We can correctly surmise that Duterte who has refused to condole with the still grieving families has been burdened with the guilt inside him. He has exhibited the characteristic defensive mechanism of someone who had something to do with those suddenly turning into widows and orphans as the fate decreed by vigilantes or by his blood-thirsty police operatives. In some ways, Lacson is suggesting that Malacañang initiate a healing process that should have taken place during the Christmas season and indeed should be part of the government’s obligation - and compassion - to all victims of social wretchedness and injustice. Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella said the Lacson proposal would be taken up in the next Cabinet meeting. 

Very few people include healing as part of their new year resolutions. Many want life to just go on despite the physical and emotional brokenness they continue to endure How about taking time out to be part of the healing and preaching event of the international Christian evangelist and healer Heidi Baker this weekend (January 7 & 8) at the Cuneta Astrodome in Pasay. Her healing crusades for over ten years included remarkable divine healings from terminal illnesses and disabilities in Europe, the United States, South America and Africa. These also included reportedly twenty people being raised from the dead.

Her aggressive and unorthodox style that made her controversial among some Protestant and Born-Again communities has nonetheless brought hundreds of thousands to Jesus Christ. 
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