July 22, 2018, 11:54 pm
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Gunman killed in shootout at Cebu archbishop’s residence

A MAN armed with a pistol and wearing a bonnet was shot dead by policemen at the official residence of Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma in Cebu City before noon yesterday.

The fatality was identified through his driver’s license as Jeffrey Mendoza Cañedo. He was described by Central Visayas regional police spokesman Supt. Reymar Tolentin as “disturbed” due to a family problem.

Police said Cañedo arrived at the Archbishop’s Palace around 10:40 a.m. looking for Palma.

A staff of the archbishop, Maria Rowela Cerojano, spoke with Cañedo at the front door and asked why he wanted to see Palma. Cerojano later claimed she became suspicious and called for police.

When the cops arrived, Cañedo drew his cal. 38 pistol and opened fire at the lawmen. Tolentin said the policemen returned fire, killing Cañedo on the spot.

Asked if Palma was in his residence at that time, Tolentin said: “The staff told him that he (Palma) was not there because they are not comfortable with the suspect. They were suspicious about him, that’s why they called for police assistance. He was wearing (a) bonnet.”

Palma, former president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, attended the 117th Plenary Assembly of the CBCP in Manila last week.

Tolentin said they still cannot ascertain why Cañedo was at the archbishop’s residence “but his father said he is disturbed, he has a family-related problem.”

On reports that Cañedo was there for a communion, Tolentin said: “That we cannot confirm. If he was there for a communion, why did he bring a firearm and even fired at the policemen? That’s the problem there. The Archbishop’s staff said he was uneasy, disturbed.”

Aside from the pistol, investigators recovered at the scene two empty shells.
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