March 23, 2017, 4:14 pm
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1 Philippine Peso = 0.0734 UAE Dirham
1 Philippine Peso = 2.50949 Albanian Lek
1 Philippine Peso = 0.03558 Neth Antilles Guilder
1 Philippine Peso = 0.31359 Argentine Peso
1 Philippine Peso = 0.02586 Australian Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.03578 Aruba Florin
1 Philippine Peso = 0.03998 Barbados Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 1.60144 Bangladesh Taka
1 Philippine Peso = 0.03636 Bulgarian Lev
1 Philippine Peso = 0.00753 Bahraini Dinar
1 Philippine Peso = 33.81791 Burundi Franc
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01999 Bermuda Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.02791 Brunei Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.13752 Bolivian Boliviano
1 Philippine Peso = 0.06154 Brazilian Real
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01999 Bahamian Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 1.30971 Bhutan Ngultrum
1 Philippine Peso = 0.2047 Botswana Pula
1 Philippine Peso = 400.15991 Belarus Ruble
1 Philippine Peso = 0.03993 Belize Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.0267 Canadian Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01991 Swiss Franc
1 Philippine Peso = 13.21387 Chilean Peso
1 Philippine Peso = 0.13802 Chinese Yuan
1 Philippine Peso = 58.19308 Colombian Peso
1 Philippine Peso = 11.00959 Costa Rica Colon
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01999 Cuban Peso
1 Philippine Peso = 2.04997 Cape Verde Escudo
1 Philippine Peso = 0.50217 Czech Koruna
1 Philippine Peso = 3.55787 Djibouti Franc
1 Philippine Peso = 0.13817 Danish Krone
1 Philippine Peso = 0.94183 Dominican Peso
1 Philippine Peso = 2.18305 Algerian Dinar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.29073 Estonian Kroon
1 Philippine Peso = 0.36178 Egyptian Pound
1 Philippine Peso = 0.44773 Ethiopian Birr
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01858 Euro
1 Philippine Peso = 0.04143 Fiji Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01613 Falkland Islands Pound
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01615 British Pound
1 Philippine Peso = 0.08972 Ghanaian Cedi
1 Philippine Peso = 0.87448 Gambian Dalasi
1 Philippine Peso = 183.64981 Guinea Franc
1 Philippine Peso = 0.14678 Guatemala Quetzal
1 Philippine Peso = 4.10714 Guyana Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.15521 Hong Kong Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.46944 Honduras Lempira
1 Philippine Peso = 0.13689 Croatian Kuna
1 Philippine Peso = 1.36698 Haiti Gourde
1 Philippine Peso = 5.73056 Hungarian Forint
1 Philippine Peso = 265.6806 Indonesian Rupiah
1 Philippine Peso = 0.07248 Israeli Shekel
1 Philippine Peso = 1.30582 Indian Rupee
1 Philippine Peso = 23.60584 Iraqi Dinar
1 Philippine Peso = 648.01121 Iran Rial
1 Philippine Peso = 2.1615 Iceland Krona
1 Philippine Peso = 2.56386 Jamaican Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01416 Jordanian Dinar
1 Philippine Peso = 2.25079 Japanese Yen
1 Philippine Peso = 2.05477 Kenyan Shilling
1 Philippine Peso = 1.38449 Kyrgyzstan Som
1 Philippine Peso = 79.38237 Cambodia Riel
1 Philippine Peso = 9.20748 Comoros Franc
1 Philippine Peso = 17.98921 North Korean Won
1 Philippine Peso = 22.24865 Korean Won
1 Philippine Peso = 0.00608 Kuwaiti Dinar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01639 Cayman Islands Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 6.30382 Kazakhstan Tenge
1 Philippine Peso = 163.68179 Lao Kip
1 Philippine Peso = 30.08595 Lebanese Pound
1 Philippine Peso = 3.03738 Sri Lanka Rupee
1 Philippine Peso = 1.79892 Liberian Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.25325 Lesotho Loti
1 Philippine Peso = 0.06094 Lithuanian Lita
1 Philippine Peso = 0.0124 Latvian Lat
1 Philippine Peso = 0.02847 Libyan Dinar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.1992 Moroccan Dirham
1 Philippine Peso = 0.39107 Moldovan Leu
1 Philippine Peso = 1.14012 Macedonian Denar
1 Philippine Peso = 27.38357 Myanmar Kyat
1 Philippine Peso = 48.93064 Mongolian Tugrik
1 Philippine Peso = 0.15986 Macau Pataca
1 Philippine Peso = 7.11573 Mauritania Ougulya
1 Philippine Peso = 0.70438 Mauritius Rupee
1 Philippine Peso = 0.30442 Maldives Rufiyaa
1 Philippine Peso = 14.55127 Malawi Kwacha
1 Philippine Peso = 0.38027 Mexican Peso
1 Philippine Peso = 0.08845 Malaysian Ringgit
1 Philippine Peso = 0.25323 Namibian Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 6.29622 Nigerian Naira
1 Philippine Peso = 0.58225 Nicaragua Cordoba
1 Philippine Peso = 0.1693 Norwegian Krone
1 Philippine Peso = 2.08775 Nepalese Rupee
1 Philippine Peso = 0.02835 New Zealand Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.00769 Omani Rial
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01999 Panama Balboa
1 Philippine Peso = 0.06497 Peruvian Nuevo Sol
1 Philippine Peso = 0.06547 Papua New Guinea Kina
1 Philippine Peso = 1 Philippine Peso
1 Philippine Peso = 2.09175 Pakistani Rupee
1 Philippine Peso = 0.0795 Polish Zloty
1 Philippine Peso = 110.26184 Paraguayan Guarani
1 Philippine Peso = 0.07277 Qatar Rial
1 Philippine Peso = 0.08471 Romanian New Leu
1 Philippine Peso = 1.14579 Russian Rouble
1 Philippine Peso = 16.3278 Rwanda Franc
1 Philippine Peso = 0.07494 Saudi Arabian Riyal
1 Philippine Peso = 0.1555 Solomon Islands Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.2628 Seychelles Rupee
1 Philippine Peso = 0.13326 Sudanese Pound
1 Philippine Peso = 0.17653 Swedish Krona
1 Philippine Peso = 0.0279 Singapore Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01613 St Helena Pound
1 Philippine Peso = 0.44385 Slovak Koruna
1 Philippine Peso = 143.85369 Sierra Leone Leone
1 Philippine Peso = 10.93344 Somali Shilling
1 Philippine Peso = 455.49671 Sao Tome Dobra
1 Philippine Peso = 0.17434 El Salvador Colon
1 Philippine Peso = 10.29342 Syrian Pound
1 Philippine Peso = 0.25272 Swaziland Lilageni
1 Philippine Peso = 0.69178 Thai Baht
1 Philippine Peso = 0.04569 Tunisian Dinar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.04606 Tongan paʻanga
1 Philippine Peso = 0.07244 Turkish Lira
1 Philippine Peso = 0.13391 Trinidad Tobago Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.60664 Taiwan Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 44.51329 Tanzanian Shilling
1 Philippine Peso = 0.53688 Ukraine Hryvnia
1 Philippine Peso = 71.79692 Ugandan Shilling
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01999 United States Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.56266 Uruguayan New Peso
1 Philippine Peso = 69.75815 Uzbekistan Sum
1 Philippine Peso = 0.19938 Venezuelan Bolivar
1 Philippine Peso = 455.50671 Vietnam Dong
1 Philippine Peso = 2.15751 Vanuatu Vatu
1 Philippine Peso = 0.0512 Samoa Tala
1 Philippine Peso = 12.18129 CFA Franc (BEAC)
1 Philippine Peso = 0.05397 East Caribbean Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 12.29063 CFA Franc (BCEAO)
1 Philippine Peso = 2.20448 Pacific Franc
1 Philippine Peso = 4.996 Yemen Riyal
1 Philippine Peso = 0.25248 South African Rand
1 Philippine Peso = 103.72777 Zambian Kwacha
1 Philippine Peso = 7.23366 Zimbabwe dollar

Faster Traslacion amid high security

THIS year’s Traslacion or procession of the image of the Black Nazarene was faster compared to previous years as millions of devotees defied reports of a terrorist threat on the conduct of the annual Catholic feast.

Organizers calculated that the image of the Black Nazarene will be home at the Quiapo Church by midnight.

“Procession is travelling at a faster pace compared to previous years. Expected to finish before midnight,” said the Quiapo Church in its official Twitter account (@quiapochurch).

As of 7:50 p.m. yesterday, the image was already at Fraternal st.

Last year, the Black Nazarene took 20 hours before reaching the church at 2 p.m.

Despite the terrorist threat, organizers pushed for an earlier start of the Morning Prayer at 4:45 a.m. instead of 5 a.m. since devotees were already closing in on the stage, where the image of the black Christ was stationed.

By 5:20 a.m., the Morning Prayer was already finished and was immediately followed by the transfer of the Black Nazarene to the “andas” (carriage) by the “Hijos Del Nazareno” from the altar. The procession was supposed to start at 7 a.m.

Moments before the start of the Liturgy of the Hours (Morning Prayer), the Manila Police District (MPD) placed the number of devotees gearing for the start of the annual procession at an estimated 800,000.

According to organizers, the procession crowd was estimated to have peaked at 1.4 million while those at the Quiapo Church and its vicinity have a crowd estimate of 41,000.

Members of the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces made their presence felt as hundreds were positioned in and around the Quirino Grandstand stage and gallery area.

Before 1 p.m., the procession was still at the Jones Bridge with the sheer number of devotees joining the procession and scratching and clawing their way towards the image often stalling the “andas.”

There was also the occasional chanting of “Viva! Viva! Viva!” by the yellow-and-maroon-clad devotees to honor the Black Nazarene as the carriage traverses its way in the streets of Manila.

Majority of the devotees were at the Quirino Grandstand grounds as early as Saturday to begin queuing for the “pahalik” (touching of the image).

Others opted to bring their replica images of the black Christ while unfolding their own sheets, where they ate, slept, and rested while waiting for the procession to begin.

“The number of devotees increases every year probably because the Nazareno has touched many lives. But we still have to see the image at the end of the procession,” said Quiapo Church rector Msgr. Ding Coronel in an earlier interview.

According to Quiapo Church parochial vicar Fr. Douglas Badong, they are not particular on seeing the procession completed immediately.

“We are not after the speed. What we want is an orderly and peaceful procession. Even if the procession lasts for two or three days, for as long as the flow is smooth, we do not see it as a problem,” said Badong in a separate interview.

Fr. Tony Ropasa, who is assigned in the Diocese of Caloocan, fainted during the midnight mass for the feast of the Black Nazarene at the Quirino Grandstand on Sunday after his blood pressure shot up to 180/80.

During the Gospel reading, first aid teams suddenly rushed to the stage to assist Ropasa. According to Manila Health Department nurse Nancy Hasareno, the 70-year-old priest felt dizzy during the mass to hypertension.

Ropasa was brought to the San Juan de Dios Hospital in Pasay City via ambulance.

Hundreds suffered injuries during the procession. As of 5 p.m., the Red Cross assisted 1,200 devotees of whom 778 complained of high blood pressure.


Mayor Joseph Estrada said the annual tradition went smoothly, despite minor injuries suffered by devotees, the arrest of a “suspicious-looking man,” and a false bomb alert near the Sta. Cruz Church.

Johnny Yu, head of the Manila Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office said hundreds were wounded during “Pahalik” Sunday night at the Quirino Grandstand.

These include three women devotees who fell and nearly got trampled to death as they attempted to climb the “andas” or the carriage carrying the Black Nazarene statue. They suffered fractures and contusions, Yu said.

Seven devotees were also taken to the Ospital ng Maynila when steel railings fell on them.

Most of those brought to Ospital ng Maynila suffered fractures, as well as “hypertensive events,” or difficulty in breathing and chest pains, radio reports said.

Among the injured was a male devotee whose foot got caught between the carriage of the Black Nazarene and the gutter at the Quirino Grandstand.

The devotee is undergoing surgery to see if his toes can be saved, after the incident crushed bones in his feet, the reports added.


At 7:30 a.m., the Manila Police District-Explosive Ordnance Division responded to a bomb alert at Plaza Sta. Cruz where a suspicious messenger bag was abandoned in front of Sta. Cruz Church along Ronquillo Street.

Authorities sealed off the area for about 20 minutes and checked the bag, which was later found to be containing a Black Nazarene shirt and some personal belongings.

The area, part of the Traslacion route, was reopened at 8:30 am.

MPD also arrested a “suspicious-looking suspect” who was carrying a bag containing a set of keys, different identification cards, and dozens of compact discs. The yet unidentified man is undergoing interrogation at MPD headquarters, reports stated.


As the procession neared the Quiapo Church, Estrada said a contingent of 600 street sweepers belonging to the Department of Public Services and Task Force Manila Cleanup  collected the trash left behind by the devotees.

Metro Manila police chief Oscar Albayalde said this year’s feast of the Black Nazarene was generally peaceful with no major untoward incident reported.

Albayalde said members of the Highway Patrol Group established checkpoints at identified roads leading to the Quiapo district to thwart the entry of unwanted persons in the procession area.

He said even petty crimes such as pickpockets have not been reported.

Albayalde said cellphone signals were cut in Quiapo at around 6 a.m. to prevent detonation of any improvised explosive device using cellphones as triggering device. Telecom signals were down within one kilometer radius of the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene.

He said the telecom signals will resume when the image is back to the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene.

Albayalde gave a number of policemen a dressing down after he observed that they were not accosting people with backpacks as a number of ambulant vendors were already occupying Villalobos street, a procession route.

PNP chief Ronald dela Rosa was satisfied with the security along the procession route when he conducted an inspection yesterday afternoon.

The NCRPO estimated the crowd to be at 1.4 million at its peak at around 1 p.m., while some 22,000 devotees were estimated to be at Quiapo Church.

President Duterte, in a prepared message, said the feast of the Black Nazarene showed that people continue to have faith in God despite the sacrifices they face daily.

“Good fortunes are usually borne out of hard work and perseverance. Prayers are likely answered because we do not give up or get tired from asking God for the fulfillment of our heart’s desires. Such is the phenomenal expression of faith of the millions of devotees in the form of gratitude, petition, and sacrifice shown in the image of the Black Nazarene every feast day on the 9th of January every year,” he said.

“We are neither exhausted by praying constantly nor do we ever falter in expressing our religious fervor. Despite the passage of time, we relentlessly fight against injustice and lies; abuse of power; and the corruption that eats up the soul,” he added.

Manila Archbishop Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, in his homily for the Traslacion mass at the Quirino Grandstand, called on the Filipino people to stop judging others who commit mistakes, which he said causes division among people.

“Kapag meron kayong kaibigan o kamag-anak na minsan nakakalimot, huwag niyong husgahan kasi tayo din naman nakakalimot,” he said. – With JP Lopez, Raymond Africa and Jocelyn Montemayor
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