September 25, 2017, 3:28 am
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Bomb scares in Camp Crame, PNP hospital

RESIDENTS of a street near Camp Crame panicked after a “bomb” was found by a street sweeper along 4th avenue in Barangay Bagong Lipunan, Quezon City yesterday morning.

Arnold Golbin, a barangay street sweeper, found a package containing rolled brown papers which looked like dynamites, with wiring attached to a digital timer.

Golbin immediately informed PO1 Kevin Tobias, detailed with the Aviation Security Group, who was buying a police uniform in the vicinity.

Tobias in turn called the PNP Explosives and Ordnance Division, which readily responded to the scene.

Supt. Edwin Ellazar, of the EOD’s K-9 unit, said the package was not a bomb as it had no explosive components but an ordinary rolled cardboard with a digital timer.

Ellazar said he has seen such a thing during their trainings.

In another incident, a box left beside the Emergency Room of the PNP General Hospital caused panic inside Camp Crame yesterday afternoon.

Ellazar said they received a call from Camp Crame’s base police that a box was abandoned beside the hospital and quickly dispatched K9 units to check on it.

“Pinasadahan ng k9, hindi naman nag-indicate na may possible na may explosives sa loob pero to make sure pinasadahan ng X-ray,” Ellazar said.

When opened, he said it turned out that the box contained three smaller boxes of telephone or electrical wires.  -- Raymond Africa
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