July 22, 2018, 11:46 pm
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‘Incompetent’ remark vs Robredo honest, objective assessment: Palace

PRESIDENTIAL spokesman Harry Roque Jr. yesterday said the “incompetent” remark of President Dutete against Vice President Leni Robredo was not an insult nor does it carry any malice, adding it was a frank, honest and objective assessment given by someone who has been working in government for about 40 years.

Duterte disparaged Robredo’s capability to lead the country last Tuesday, hours after she accepted the challenge to lead the opposition against Duterte.

Roque said had Duterte trusted the capabilities of Robredo, he would not have asked for the election of a transition president should he step down early in his term to pave the way for a shift to federal form of government,

“There was no malice in the assessment. It’s just a frank, honest, objective assessment of the President. Otherwise, he would not ask for a transition leader if he feels that the country will be safe in the hands of the Vice President. So that’s it, it’s an honest assessment,” Roque said.

Roque added that Duterte has more experience in government, having been in public service for about 40 years compared to Robredo whom he said only has about five years of government experience.

Roque also dismissed Robredo’s statement that instead of insulting her, the President should focus on addressing the country’s economic problems. He said the Philippines has no economic problem and continues to be the second fastest growing economy in the world.

He said the level of optimism on the country is also at an all-time high along with the manufacturing output.

“There could be some small problems because of the high inflation… But otherwise, all economies in the world will agree that we are a darling economy,” Roque said.
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