February 25, 2018, 7:39 am
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‘Bato’ denies VP claim of ‘palit ulo’

PNP chief Ronald dela Rosa yesterday denied claims made by Vice President Leni Robredo that a relative of drug pushers or users is being arrested by police if the subject of operations is not around, a scheme dubbed in the vernacular as “palit ulo.”

Dela Rosa said under the scheme being practiced by police, charges filed against drug users and pushers are “lowered” if they point to their suppliers or what he called “big fishes.”

“I deny that we are practicing the ‘palit ulo’ scheme disclosed by the Vice President,” Dela Rosa said, adding he has yet to receive a complaint on the supposed scheme aired by Robredo in a recorded message sent to the 60th UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs annual meeting last week.

“The ‘palit ulo’ scheme is a common practice by the police. This really happens but it all depends on the situation,” Dela Rosa said.

He also urged victims of the “palit ulo” scheme described by Robredo to come out and file complaints against the police.

Dela Rosa also said he has not received a letter from Robredo asking the PNP to investigate alleged extrajudicial killings in the country.

“Wala naman ako natanggap na sulat na ganoon at saka sinabi na lang nila ‘yun after nag-react ‘yung PNP na mali ang concept niya sa palit ulo,” he said.
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