February 27, 2017, 2:58 pm
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UNO DE 50 celebrates 20 years with the special ones

As it celebrates its 20th Anniversary, UNOde50 pays homage to the most important people to the brand, “The Special One’s”. These are men and women who share their passion through a design with soul, and who feel connected with the life philosophy of UNOde50. 

“The Special One’s” are the inspiration of the UNOde50’s Fall-Winter 2016/2017 Collection represented in various groups that match the main values of the brand’s DNA and who appreciate handmade items
above all else. 

* For the Creative Winds, UNO de 50 has designed the most creative pieces in which uniqueness triumphs above all else, seeking inspiration in countries where the brand has just launched. 

* The Rebel Voices splurge on their most groundbreaking and daring spirit, and for them, the creative team has designed a line that recreates an aesthetic of extravagant elegance. Perfect for not going

* For those who daily follow the motto of Be Unique will have pieces with a conceptual esthetic and a clear industrial inspiration where we can find the true DNA of the brand. 

* Those who advocate for the Natural Soul seek out craftsmanship and handmade items above all else, putting particular emphasis on the details. The pieces for Men Soul, on the other hand, are made for
contemporary and cosmopolitan men who are creative, bold, and unique. 

The UNOde50 attitude continues to break the molds 20 years later, due to ingenuity and a close relationship with art and creativity for each of the brand’s jewels. The courage to be yourself, and defend and
fearlessly show how to be unique and different.

Through its creativity, unique style, bold spirit, and 100% Spanish handcrafted pieces, UNOde50 truly sets it apart from the rest.  Founded in the late 1990s by the group of designers who resolved to establish
brand of fashion jewelry and accessories that would break all existing molds, the brand started out with the original and exclusive philosophy of creating only 50 units of each design, thereby supplying the
trademark name.  This unorthodox approach soon proved an unqualified success.

Today, UNOde50 has more than fifty shops in Spain and over 25 abroad – in some of the world’s top fashion capitals such as New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Milan, Rome, and Amsterdam. It opened its first
store in Southeast Asia in partnership with SM Retail at SM Aura Premier creating excitement with its artisan process.

UNOde50 is located at the Second Level of SM Aura Premier, the Third Floor of SM Megamall’s Mega Fashion Hall, at the Second Level of the SM Mall of Asia’s ‘Main Hall, at the Ground Floor of SM Makati,
and at the Ground Floor of SM Store’s Branded Accessories Section in SM City Cebu.
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