February 25, 2018, 10:09 am
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Three tips on choosing the best ham

FILIPINOS love Christmas. For the holiday, a feast with Holiday Whole-Meat Ham is a must. “Filipinos deserve nothing but the best especially this Christmas season. We made sure we offer them the best ham,” says Kim Favis, category brand manager of Foodsphere.

 “Holiday Ham by CDO Premium is made from real whole boneless meat from the hind leg which is the best cut of pork for hams. Some hams in the market, even popular brands, are not made from whole-meat; these are just molded together from different cuts of meat,” Favis says.

Since Holiday Ham is made from whole meat, one can be ensured that it is smoked in ham nets, the traditional and authentic way of making hams. This sets whole-meat hams apart from molded hams as molded ones cannot be smoked in ham nets; these tend to fall off when smoked in ham nets.

 “Holiday Whole-Meat Ham has no extenders. It is naturally juicy and flavorful,” Favis adds.

 “Holiday Whole-Meat Ham continues to be known for its three attributes – it is made from whole boneless meat from the hind leg, it is smoked in ham nets, and it has no extenders.”

No wonder Solenn Heussaff the actress, model, and television host continues to endorse Holiday Ham. “Holiday Whole-Meat Ham is the real ham,” the renowned Filipino-French celebrity says. Solenn is the brand ambassador for Holiday Ham for the second year.  “Why settle for anything less? We Filipinos love Christmas, and our family deserves the best this holiday season.”

 “This Christmas, only choose to have a real holiday and real ham with Holiday Ham.”
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