April 28, 2017, 10:29 am
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Tenderness on a tough Monday

WE are all too familiar with the dreaded feeling of our alarm going off early on a Monday morning, signaling the start of another long week.

When faced with the challenges of school or work, it is important not only to treat ourselves every once in awhile, but also to stick to a budget. Getting out of bed may be difficult, but it gets a little easier when we know that there’s an delicious new meal and a sweet deal waiting for us at some point during a day. 

While Mondays may be tough, the Tender Pinoy Chicken Curry from Goldilocks is far from it. This latest addition to the Goldilocks menu is sure to brighten up your week, accompanied by only the finest potatoes, carrots and bell peppers, brought together by a satisfying Pinoy-style curry sauce.

With rice and a 12-oz drink, this tasty meal is surprisingly affordable at only P110, and during Buena Mano Mondays, customers get a box of free polvoron mallows to add something sweet to their week! This delicious new meal will tantalize your taste buds, and the polvoron mallows will leave you wishing that it was a Monday all over again!

Hurry and grab the curry at any Goldilocks Foodshop branch nationwide.
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