July 19, 2018, 3:57 am
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Sustaining an artist’s soul

AFTER sacrificing many sleepless nights in order to meet a deadline, advertising creatives are often then told to build up on their output – hence the word “build” becoming common parlance for revisions and feedback in the industry. But why is the word “revision” steeped in so much negativity, when it is simply another word for change, something inherent to the human condition? Why is the act of revising needlessly antagonized by those in the industry?

These questions are exactly what associate creative director Paulo Correa and senior art director Angelo Estrella, both of Campaigns & Grey, are taking a stand on by founding the Revision Collective, a group of advertising creatives who aim to reclaim the word that was once theirs.

And as part of the collective’s opening act, Correa and Estrella recently spearheaded an exhibit entitled _revision Creative Group Art Exhibit, which ran for two weeks at the NOVA Gallery in Makati’s La Fuerza art hub. Some of the other agencies that were represented in the exhibit were TBWA, Saatchi, Leo Burnett and Publicis Jimenez Basic, just to name a few. 

For Correa and Estrella, the exhibit is the perfect opportunity to showcase that drive inherent in every creative when it comes to creating something – “We have that drive to create something. I believe that none of us is an artist, but we are all creators. If you have the drive to create something, no matter what industry you are from, an outlet is needed,” Estrella explained.  Their goal is to provide an outlet where creatives of all stripes are able to produce pure art they can rightfully claim as their own, unfettered from the input of others. “The main objective for Revision Collective is for people in the advertising industry to never forget their roots of creating their artworks purely for themselves; for people not to forget that creativity sustains the artist’s soul,” Correa said. 

Incessant revising is a fact of life in any ad agency.  At the collective, ‘revision’ takes on a new meaning. Correa and Estrella are hopeful that their burgeoning movement will inspire other advertising creatives to look beyond the revisions, look beyond the builds, and see that art for art’s sake is still possible even in a world where change is constant and inevitable.
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