February 27, 2017, 3:07 pm
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Step into the rhythm of style

WHENEVER my friends compliment and ask me where I got my shoes from, they always exclaim “Of course it’s from Melissa, you’re always in Melissa!” Throughout the years I’ve learned to narrow down my style and choice of shoes.

I like shopping for clothes and accessories that are easy, versatile, stylish, easy to maintain, and timeless. I’ve found that all these qualities are in Melissa shoes. There is a Melissa shoe for everyone. Their constant collaborations with designers allow their styles to transverse through generations. No matter what age, from my grandma to my niece, we all love Melissa!

This season, Melissa leads you down the stylish path and takes a step forward with its eclectic, modern collections for the Holidays and Summer 2017. In Mashup, Melissa reveals a plethora of styles that boast of an array of vibrant colors and exciting silhouettes that aim to re-energize your wardrobe.

Melissa Mashup represents the entire spectrum of style, from the classic to the ultra modern, the baroque to the minimal, organic to functional, western to oriental, and more. But it goes beyond just that, exceeding expectations by weaving together several influences into stunning pieces that offer Melissa’s signature comfort in every step. Mix the basics with the elaborate, discover an exciting cross between less and more, and discover the beauty of contrast when symmetry meets the random.

Celebrate diversity, enjoy comfort and style, and break the fashion rules with this incredibly exciting Holiday/ Summer 2017 collection, which will be available as early as November 2016. Step out from the beautiful chaos and discover a renewed sense of fashion. 

CONTEMPORARY: Making the Cut

Bringing in a more fashion-forward aesthetic, Melissa mixes art, fashion and technology in its newest collaboration with Mariko Mori, one of the most recognized and respected Japanese artists whose work has been acquired by museums and private collectors worldwide. Taking design inspiration from the cosmos, Melissa Space Love exudes softness and surrealism with its cool, futuristic design. Playing into the Mashup theme, in contrast with the edgy geometry, this collection is grounded with other more earthy pieces like the Melissa Puzzle and Mar that embraces more natural tones and textures. 

GRUNGE: Freedom from Conformity

Channeling the daring punk of the ‘90s, Melissa Aranha and the Cosmopolitan stand out with their chunky straps and elevated heels. Chic and sturdy, these sandals push you to move forward with boldness. A more feminine silhouette in the collection is the Boemia, which reinterprets the classic gladiator sandal through a more modern shape and thicker, multiple side large straps. With these pieces, unleash your rebellious spirit and embrace confidence.

 ATHLEISURE: Play & Perform

For the girl with a spirit for sport, find the perfect balance of support and comfort with a collection that helps you to excel while you perform and stay comfortable as you play. This unique collection features two collaborations with Melissa’s latest designer partner Vitorino Campos, a Brazilian fashion extraordinaire who became a mainstay in Sao Paolo Fashion Week after wowing the crowds in 2012. 

The first collaboration, Melissa Iris x Vitorino Campos is a modern flat that plays with geometry to build a strong style statement while the Melissa Flox x Vitorino Campos seeks to create a similar statement with more decorative straps and different bold colors. The Flox Slide, on another hand, removes the back strap so that you can slip on and slip off these sandals with ease. The other Athleisure type styles namely Melissa Connected is an outdoor sandal that leans towards the more feminine with the tratore sole and contemporary shape. Inviting one to play, the Sportech injects a more bold and fun vibe with its cool, contemporary color combos.

FEMININE: Strong Pursuit

This ultra feminine collection will delight ladies with its sweet bow accents that come in an array of different styles and sizes. The Ultra Girl Sweet heralds memories in Paris with its triple stack ribbons and metal accents, while the Seduction does incredibly well to build allure. The Jason Wu collaborations such as the Melissa Solar Jason Wu fill a need for the whimsical with beautiful Grecian-inspired cuts and designs. Rediscover a new definition of femininity and womanly allure with pieces that play on the delicateness, innocence, experience and power of the modern woman.  Whether your style is “sweet” or “strong”, Melissa offers a beautiful selection that embodies both. 


Join the tribe of fashion-forward ladies as Melissa explores other frills such as geometric cuts and fringe with the Harmonic Sandal Salinas. For something truly unique to add to your wardrobe, seek the designs of Vivienne Westwood. With the Anglomania and Rocking Horse Sandal, the designer lends her bold eclectic vision with little wing accents inspired by Hermes. 

The Melissa Dream heel also takes your fashion to new heights with hip yet effortless elegance. Wear this stunning shoe with a casual ensemble or a fun, cocktail dress. Elevate your more dressy ensembles as well with other bold pieces that are not only modern, comfortable and fashion-forward, but are versatile.  

SIMPLE & CASUAL: Everyday Elegance

Even when you’re dressed down, feel like you’re all grown up with flats and heels that are great for the everyday. Ribbons –in petite forms and varying earth tones – decorate the Space Love flats. Put on these flats for that timeless, classy look. 

Giving more weight and depth to the Melissa Simple & Casual collection is the Hotness + Salinas sandal. With its interesting textural woven straps, Hotness + Salinas is perfect for strolling the beach or cruising the mall to window shop. 

Delighting the kids-at-heart, the Melissa Ultra Girl + Minnie takes the familiar forms of our favorite Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse and incorporates them into a sweet ballet flat that every lady would want to wear. Available in neutral shades and pastels, it’s a fun surprise and a great addition to your wardrobe. 


Smooth curves and clean lines highlight this collection that delivers a dreamy minimalist feel. Though simple and subdued, it gives you more thanks to its versatility. The Ultra-Girl Platform, Classy, and Honey Chrome designs give you maximum chic-ness and sophistication with thoughtful details incorporated into its design.

MINI MEL: For Mini-Me

Little girls can match mommy’s stylish flair with Melissa shoes of their own from the child-sized Mini Mel line. Delight in array of colorful designs that play with the shapes of Mickey and Mini Mouse, cute cats, butterflies, and even unicorns. Of course, find the staple of baby shoes adorned with cute bows and adorable embellishments. 

WEDDINGS: Forever After

Walk down the aisle in sweet ballet flats that are made more whimsical care of brilliant Swarovski stones. Nothing completes the royal day of “I Dos” more perfectly than a delicate slip-on made for a princess.

Whatever your style and whatever your personality, Melissa celebrates your individuality with comfortable shoes just for you. Explore your styles and embrace your individuality with Melissa.
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