September 25, 2017, 3:33 am
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Slimming product and Miss PH Earth agree that beauty is not just skin deep

MYSLIM, a slimming product that works in tandem with healthy lifestyle choices to create a slimmer and healthier you, recently hosted an event at Luxent Hotel, featuring some of the delegates of Miss Philippines Earth 2017.

Miss Philippines Earth, and its international counterpart Miss Earth, have long stood for “beauties for a cause,” with a strong advocacy to protect and preserve the environment, using beautiful ambassadors in raising awareness on relevant and serious environmental issues.

Vida Nutriscience, Inc., makers of mySlim, believe that beauty achieved by less than healthy means is not worth achieving.  Like Miss Earth, mySlim is a slimming solution for a cause, helping you get healthy so you can be beautiful.

While beauty and slimming are two concepts that people very typically associate with one another, fewer people realize that good health is as connected to these two words.

In the world of instant gratification, fad diets, liposuction and cosmetic wizardry, everyone wants to be slim but many are not willing to make the adjustments necessary in terms of diet and exercise to do it right.
mySlim’s scientifically proven formula is a potent mix of Yerba Mate, Carnipure and Palatinose.

Yerba mate is a natural plant derivative and safe detoxification agent that reduces fat absorption and allows the body to burn unwanted fat without shedding muscle mass.  When combined with Carnipure and Palatinose, the result is a metabolic booster that helps boost your energy and physical performance allowing you to maximize the benefits of exercise.

mySlim helps those who help themselves.  If you are willing to eat right and exercise regularly, mySlim will help you reach your fitness and beauty goals faster.

Just as Miss Earth is about managing the environment in a sustainable manner, mySlim is not just about weight loss but responsible and sustainable weight management.
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