July 22, 2018, 11:41 pm
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Rudolf Gonzalez’ panoramic seascapes

HIS works summon the coastal panorama – the kind of fluid scene that he had painted countless times before, in various sorts of ways. A broad sweep of aquamarine, applied across a canvas with strokes of the artist’s brush sets the scene.

Rudolf Gonzalez’ art can be astutely observed by the viewer through its changes in light and color, carefully noting the majestic prestige of crashing waves and silent streams. There is a certain sentiment in some of his works that advocates the glory of creation through his depictions of unthreatening sea and unadulterated shades of hushed seascape.

 “Panorama as Vision” brings about the fluid, transient, and magnificent nature of water that brings vital grandeur and majesty to the artist’s paintings, becoming almost biblical in magnitude. The panoramic scale of water provides Gonzalez with a resolute source of inspiration and opportunity to express his enduring art. 

Having spent a considerable part of his life in the United States, Gonzalez developed a close affinity to the island of Hawaii and its picturesque coastline. He was also drawn to that State’s large community of Filipino artists. This combination eventually gave inspiration to Gonzalez, who subsequently developed a large oeuvre of seascapes.

Rudolf Gonzalez is exceptionally empathic in his ability to evoke emotions through his visuals. A master of seascapes, he has exhibited in numerous expositions in Chicago and Los Angeles, and his works have been carried by galleries in the U.S. and Japan. Gonzalez embodies the seascape genre through a practice that perfectly captures the interplay of light and shadow evoking the expressionistic latitude of the human emotion.

 “Panorama as Vision” will be on view until July 19, 2018. Galleria Nicolas is located on the 3/F Art Space, Glorietta 4, Ayala Center, Makati City. 
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