September 25, 2017, 3:11 am
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Road to a healthy and fun summer

Summer is an awesome time to hit the beach and have fun, memorable bonding moments with your loved ones. It is also the perfect season to explore the great outdoors. To have a lovely time this summer, make sure you pay attention to your health – physically and mentally. 

 “This summer, people should put in the extra effort to keep their body fit and healthy because they are more exposed to ailments that are common this season like sunburn, heatstroke, flu, and sore eyes,” says Dr. Nicky Montoya, president of MediCard Philippines. 

Take note of the following tips for a healthy and enjoyable summer: 

Be physically active. Being physically active this summer will keep you healthy and definitely beach-body ready. Dr. Montoya recommends that you try calorie-burning exercises like hiking, swimming, martial arts or zumba.  If you prefer a relaxing workout, you can try yoga. 

You can enjoy a relaxing yoga session with Surya Fitness Yoga at MediCard Lifestyle Center, one of the most convenient fitness and wellness sanctuaries in the metro. Surya Fitness Yoga offers hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga, and basic yoga classes. It is located at MediCard Lifestyle Centre at #51 Paseo De Roxas cor. Sen Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City. 

Eat and drink healthy. Eating right is a must this summer for a sickness-free vacation! 

If possible, avoid or limit fatty food in your diet such as junk food and take-out food. You can also make your meals healthier by incorporating more vegetables. For a refreshing summer, freeze seasonal fruits and blend them for a cool treat. After freezing, chuck them in the blender and voila! You now have a nutrient-rich smoothie -- perfect for the summer. Some of the best fruits for making smoothies are bananas,
watermelons, berries, and mangoes. You can also put yogurt and honey for a health boost and additional taste and sweetness. 

Apply sunscreen. Before you step out in the sun, it’s essential that you apply sunscreen. It not only protects you from harmful UV rays and slows down skin aging, but it also reduces your risk of getting skin cancer. Dr. Montoya recommends looking for sunscreen that suits your skin type and contains at least SPF 30. Also, remember to reapply every two hours, especially after swimming or sweating from engaging in summer activities.  

Keep your cool. This summer, combat intense heat by staying under the shade and taking cold baths. While frolicking on the beach, make sure you wear a hat to protect you from the sun’s rays. Taking cold showers will not only refresh you from the hot, humid days of summer, but it will also give you numerous health benefits. It may increase alertness, strengthen the immune system by increasing the amount of disease fighting white blood cells and improve blood circulation by transporting blood to the organs. Cold showers also refine hair and skin by tightening cuticles and pores, preventing dirt from getting in. 

Relax and meditate. Summer is the perfect time to just bask in the beauty of nature, relax and have some time alone. It makes you healthy physically and mentally as well. Relaxing also relieves stress, keeps your heart healthy and boosts your mood. Meditation is also beneficial since it calms the mind, improves concentration and increases self-awareness and happiness. 

Learn more ways to stay healthy this summer. MediCard has numerous free-standing clinics located in key cities nationwide that offer consultations. 
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