February 25, 2018, 7:45 am
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Red Bull 3Style holds workshop

DJs have garnered mainstream appeal. Today, top DJs get paid big buck to splay in the world’s biggest clubs and venues. This has led to a growing number of students who want to learn the craft and make a name for themselves in the Philippines and hopefully, around the world.

Red Bull 3Style invited its 2015 Red Bull 3Style World Champion and internationally-known DJ, DJ BYTE to hold a seminar for college students. During the seminar, DJ BYTE shared his start as a DJ and gave out tips to those who want to make DJing their career.

Red Bull 3Style University is a one-day workshop that allows budding student DJs the chance to learn from internationally renowned and successful DJs. For many DJs, it’s the chance to give back to the community and share their knowledge to the next generation.

The workshop began with an open discussion where DJ BYTE talked about his beginnings as an aspiring DJ in his native Chile to winning the Red Bull 3Style World Championship in Tokyo, in 2015. 

“After some time, I learned I had special skills and I started to push myself to another level. I was going to give everything I had to music and in 2015, at Red Bull 3Style, the music said to me, ‘Okay, you gave enough. It is time to give back.’”, DJ BYTE said.

“I became a DJ after I saw one guy using cassettes to mix music, I thought it was magic. I started with a little company and played parties for my school”, DJ BYTE reminisced. “When asked who are the DJs that they look up to, most DJs would give out the legends. Jazzy Jeff, Q-Bert, and others. For me, it was that guy mixing on the cassettes. He was making something new and I was hooked,” he shared.

He then spent years honing his skills and learning the ins and outs of the trade. From playing in bars ad clubs in Argentina, he then started playing in venues all around the world. He then participated in several competitions, his wins as proof of his evolving skills. 

Two finalists from this year’s Red Bull 3Style competition were also in attendance, allowing him to share the tips that enabled him to become the World Champion in 2015. 

“The 2015 3Style set took me one year to build. I spent six months writing ideas and four months developing them. It was a sacrifice and I was going to take it seriously”, said DJ BYTE. “I realized that if I wanted to win the competition, I had to bring something new and I needed to build from the bottom. I did what no one else did before and it took me one year to break barriers and discover my tricks. Never forget that music is an art-form.”

This led him into a brief discussion on how student DJs can build their own brand while remaining true to their artistic vision. 

“Be different and things are going to start to happen” DJ BYTE added. “People are looking at videos, watching the latest routines, and we wonder, ‘What do these DJs watch?’. These guys don’t watch any videos, they practice for themselves. They try to bring something new to the culture and that is one of the hardest points of your career.”

He also addressed some misconceptions about the industry that most newbies have. “Most people see DJs and think that they have a glamorous lifestyle. Every night is a party. This isn’t true. Being a professional DJ is the same as having a career. I spend hours in everyday just researching and listening to new music. You need to evolve as a DJ and keep up with music trends,” he shared.

For DJ BYTE, the love of music is of paramount importance for being a DJ. According to him, DJs are meant to entertain the crowd and there is a synergy between the DJ and the crowd. “Listen and appreciate the different genres of music. Listen to the different eras of music. Our job is to bring the people to their feet and have a good time. And this energy flows to the DJ which they then bring back to the crowd. Have fun and make sure that your audience is also having fun,” he said.
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