March 22, 2018, 8:24 am
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MoneyGram donates new books to UPIS

GLOBAL money transfer and payment services company MoneyGram believes that education is at the heart of better opportunities. Through its MoneyGram Foundation, the company has donated vital learning tools such books to the students of the University of the Philippines Integrated School (UPIS).

 “This time, UPIS would receive books and it is about time that a public school would benefit these educational books. There is no doubt in UPIS as it is a government-funded school… Partly, they need a lot of help,” Alex Chan Lim, MoneyGram country manager, told Malaya Business Insight.

Chan Lim said their partnership with Asia Foundation, a non profit international development organization, has put brand-new books into the hands of the students. “It is expert when it comes to books, while MoneyGram is for funding,” he added.

He added the essential learning resources, which will be given to UPIS, contain high-quality content. “The books are mostly printed in US, which makes it a very good source of reference. They have books that cover all academic subject areas… Name it, they have it,” he said.

In choosing the reference books to be donated, Chan Lim said they asked the students which level they are in. “In elementary, for instance, books that are for grade school will be provided – social sciences books which cater to these pupils.

He added those latest, quality books – which will be used for quite some time – are really for reference and are checked. “When on searches something on the internet, everything will come out… But for us, having the traditional hard-bound, tangible books are different,” he said.

Earlier, MoneyGram went to some areas that have been ravaged by super typhoon Yolanda. There, they built disaster-resilient school classrooms called the Noah’s Ark classrooms. Chan Lim said they don’t come in the first wave but when everything is done, that’s when MoneyGram gives support to.

Likewise, the company, whose focus is on education, has also provided books, school and art supplies and to far-flung areas. Even the school teachers have been given educational supplies such as bags for their use. 

Chan Lim said the initiative is centered on education because “it is a global thing.” “I think we believe in the students that they are the future of any country,” he added.

 “The rooms have comfort rooms as well as pantry for cooking. The reason why is that, if one would use it as a rehabilitation center and necessary materials like these are unavailable… Where would the people go? They can use it as a rehab place where basic needs are supplied,” he said.

MoneyGram brand ambassador Robin Padilla believes that the youth is the hope of the nation. He is glad that the company has donated high-quality content books, which are good to read, that are from the US and other first world countries. 

 “If we would not provide them this kind of enlightenment… It is our shortcomings. In other countries – particularly the first world countries – they give worth into it by shaping the artistic mind of their youth, allowing them to explore their minds through books despite the invasion of video game,” he said.

Padilla said that the ‘too much information age’ makes it tough for most people to distinguish the difference between right and wrong.

 “It is important that we give these students the books they need. Books are treasures… If we take care of our minds, we should take care of the books too,” he pointed out, adding it is also important to set up a library so the books would be returned after use.

 “When a company does its corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity, the main thing is ‘pay it forward’. We expect nothing… It is a gift coming from the heart,” noted Chan Lim.
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