February 24, 2017, 2:42 am
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Miele launches latest line of washing machines and tumble dryers

MIELE, a premium kitchen and home appliances from Germany, recently unveiled its latest range of laundry appliances – the W1 washing machines and T1 tumble dryers. Touting a multitude of added features and advanced technology, unprecedented standards in cleaning performance, as well as the highest energy efficiency rating available in the market of A+++, Miele is set to revolutionize laundry care as we know it. 

Miele W1 Washing Machine

In keeping to its reputation as a top-of-the-line home and kitchen appliance manufacturer, Miele’s latest washing machine offers a plethora of different technologies which allows the user to get the most out of their wash cycle.

The TwinDos system is the first built-in dosing system for both colored and white garments. The first detergent removes stains caused by grease and protein while the second detergent, which is more powerful, works on more stubborn stains such as red wine and coffee stains.

The dosing system is calibrated depending on the load size and the type of fabric to be washed, which can be set by the user. According to Miele, the automatic dispensing system allows users to save up to 30% of their detergent use by preventing under and overdosing during wash cycles.

For more delicate and special fabrics which require care when washing such as wool, silk, water repellent jackets and parkas, Miele offers the CapDosing system.

This capsule dispensing system facilitates the precise use of conveniently portioned fabric detergents, additives or fabric conditioner. The capsule is simply placed into the fabric conditioner compartment and the washing machine automatically dispenses the detergent at the perfect time during the washing cycle. 

For special applications, Miele offers 10 different types of Miele capsules: 5 special detergents (Sport, Down, Outdoor, WoolCare, SilkCare), 3 fabric conditioners (Aqua, Nature, Cocoon), a reproofing agent (to effectively reproof water-resistant clothing and give it a water and dirt-repellant finish), and a Booster as an additive (which acts on stubborn stains such as grease or fruit stains).

To maximize cleaning and minimize wash times, a new washing system was also developed by Miele. At the heart and soul of the new PowerWash system is a second pump in the form of a circulation pump. In combination with a special drum rhythm and rotational speed, detergent penetrates the load deeper and faster. The PowerWash system has been confirmed to improve cleaning performance by at least 10% by leading and independent expert, wfk Institute for Applied Research based in Krefeld, Germany. And for the first time in the laundry history, Miele is offering a QuickPowerWash program which, despite lasting less than 1 hour, still achieves thorough cleaning.
Miele T1 Tumble Dryer

The new generation of T1 tumble dryers harmonizes perfectly with the W1 washing machines and ensure precise drying through Miele’s tried-and-tested PerfectDry system ̶ even if the water contains significant amounts of calcium. 

The calcium content in the water influences residual moisture sensing, and in turn, has an impact on drying results. This patented PerfectDry function takes the current calcium content of the water into account and adjusts the program accordingly.

This ensures that the laundry is neither too dry nor too wet. The selected drying stage is always achieved.

Another unique program of the new T1 tumble dryer is the SteamFinish feature which reduces the need for ironing and depending on the type of fabric, may even dispense the need for ironing altogether. Water from the condensate container is sprayed in the machine and heated up to create steam. This serves to remove wrinkles and to gently flatten the fabric. 

While the Miele W1 washing machines have the TwinDos and CapDosing, the T1 tumble dryers have the exclusive FragranceDos feature which lends a pleasantly fresh fragrance to laundry that can last up to 4 weeks. The fragrance flacon is simply fitted into the holder inside the tumble dryer. By turning the flacon, one can determine the intensity of the fragrance. Pleasant fragrance is dispensed automatically by the T1 tumble dryer. FragranceDos is available in four scents: Aqua, Cocoon, Rose and Nature.

At Miele, one does not have to decide between innovative technology and an elegant design. The new Miele W1T1 laundry appliances combine functionality and aesthetics. In keeping with the company philosophy of “ImmerBesser” or “Forever Better”, Miele puts a premium on ensuring that appliances make everyday work more convenient. The new Miele W1T1 leaves nothing to be desired.
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