November 24, 2017, 5:08 pm
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MANILA FASHION FESTIVAL BEYOND: Jun Jun Ablaza’s state of Neon Nirvana

THE Manila Fashion Festival Beyond Spring/Summer 2018 was staged successfully at the EDSA Shangri La’s Marquee Tent recently.  The 3-day fashion fest was an indulgence of avant garde pieces that included the extraordinary creations of maximalist artwear designer Jun Jun Ablaza on the third and final day. 

Ablaza’s Neon Nirvana collection was as fun and outlandish as his choice of eye popping colors that invoked a jovial summer and futuristic vibe. Gifted with a mind always brimming with ideas, Jun Jun sourced out and creatively utilized materials you never thought could become wearable and artistically fashionable.  Choosing the most shocking and vibrant colors that could induce a feeling of fun and invoke a state of optimism, the result was a beautiful and mind blowing collection that rocked this season’s much awaited runway show. 

Jun Jun created a long-fringed poncho that rustled with the hundreds of colorful measuring tapes that went with it.  The next numbers were perplexing with deconstructed security vests in neon yellow, green and orange reflective tapes and polyester meshes revamped as dresses and asymmetrical tops. High visibility inflatable life-savers in hot pink, bright yellow, blue, and green were stitched and repurposed as a wearable abstract art. Windbreakers and hooded raincoats were converted into unconventional tops as well as long layered dresses like the one worn by Daniela, the daughter of Brazilian-Japanese top male model Hideo Muraoka, who also walked in another multicolored measuring tape creation styled as a cape. 

To add more drama to his outlandish collection, Jun Jun had oversized puffer wraps made of fast inflatable banana beds. And of course, no Ablaze artwear would ever be complete without Jun Jun’s ARTcessories such as neckpieces made of colorful diving goggles and rainbow hued bungee cords that were also used as laces for white sandals. 

Jun Jun’s show stopping collection earned a thunderous applause that evening. Those who cheered the most were of course his loving parents Consul Mellie Ablaza, Consul Louie Ablaza, and his sister Czarina Ablaza-Syquia. In full force were his staunchest supporters at the front row that included designer Michele Sison, high society portrait photographer Rupert Jacinto, Tina Jacinto, Marivic Vazquez, Joy Rojas, Carlo Rojas, Evangeline Conliffe, Jurrish Sledge, U-Ned Algabre and Kyle Vergara. With the help of Roko Arceo, his most trusted fashion stylist, Jun Jun Ablaza, once again sent inspiring and euphoric waves to the fashion world.
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