June 24, 2017, 3:07 am
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LRI Design Plaza marks 13th year with Nuyda solo exhibit; ‘Of Colors and Places’

FOR 13 years now, LRI Design Plaza, Makati City’s pioneer one-stop art and design hub, has been providing aficionados, professionals, and enthusiasts a common ground that bridges their passion for innovation and creativity.

Apart from offering artisan furniture, home accent pieces, and architecture and interior design solutions, LRI further builds on its success by leading the promotion and recognition of Filipino artistry, creative talents, and award-winning designs.

In celebration of its 13th anniversary, LRI pays tribute to renowned Filipino master painter and butterfly hunter Justin “Tiny” Nuyda in a solo exhibit entitled, “Of Colors and Places.” Co-presented by Sigvard Selections and curated by award-winning interior designer, IDr. Jigs Ranada Adefuin, the exhibit brings into focus latest artworks and rare butterfly collection of Nuyda, whose intense connection with nature and majestic butterflies – notably their brilliant colors and graceful fluttering wings – are defining subjects of his art. 

“It is a symbiotic love between my art and nature. Nature has always been my friend. You love nature and it will love you back a thousand fold,” says Nuyda.

The one-man exhibit showcases the astonishing career and life of the genius that is Nuyda, who is one of the key pillars in Philippine Modernism and a top lepidopterist who has named and discovered countless butterfly species and sub-species in and out of the country. The aesthetic depth of the artworks will take visitors on an innermost surreal journey with Nuyda, as each painting narrates his expansive knowledge about butterflies and his unforgettable explorations, to the very places he visited while catching them. 

 “We approached Nuyda through Sigvard Selections last year for this collaboration with LRI, and we are very fortunate that he accepted our invitation. This is the first time that Nuyda will be showcasing a repertoire of new artworks along with his treasured butterfly collections,” says Toni C. Lo, President of LRI Design Plaza.

A fitting tribute to a master 

According to Adefuin, who conceptualized the whole event, the exhibit is a fitting tribute to an accomplished artist like Nuyda. 

Open for public viewing starting May 14, 2017, 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, “Of Colors and Places” includes among other features, a special section depicting Nuyda’s timeline and career milestones, as well as his past and most recent masterpieces. 

To give guests a profound gist of Nuyda’s passionate accomplishments throughout the years, Adefuin has devoted three special sections: a Butterfly Wall featuring some of Nuyda’s rare butterfly collection to educate visitors and students about each butterfly’s origin and location; a Memory Lane that gives everyone a sentimental peek into the life of the butterfly hunter and artist, including some of his previous paintings; and a Butterfly Art Installation by the event curator himself. Apart from adding a three-dimensional textural appeal, the art installation -- made of 500 stainless steel butterflies -- symbolizes the flight of Nuyda’s career, and how his love for butterflies took his artistic career to great heights.
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