November 24, 2017, 5:17 pm
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Live what you love with the right game plan 

WHETHER you are a seasoned veteran or a young professional, the same rule applies when it comes to retirement: It helps to prepare ahead. In fact, the sooner in your life you prepare for it, the more benefits you will reap, and the more you will be able to live what you love when the time for retirement does come.

AXA, global leader in insurance and investment, recently organized a discussion to introduce a new product that aims to help customers live the life they love as they get older – AXA Retire Smart. 

The event was attended by award-winning author, newspaper columnist and former advertising executive Barbara Gonzalez; broadcast executive turned entrepreneur Jose Ramon “Monchet” Olives; chef, restaurateur, surfer, and TV host JP Anglo; and erstwhile brand manager and current skincare entrepreneur Jacqueline Yuengtian-Gutierrez, to provide insights on having the right game plan in place to have a good retirement. Each successful in his/her own right, the four speakers shared the points of view of different generations.

Gonzalez and Olives chose to leave top-level executive posts before reaching their companies’ mandatory retirement ages. Gonzalez said, growing tired of the pressures of managing a large family-owned advertising agency, she opted for a less stressful but still productive and meaningful life. She conducts writing seminars and makes jewelry. “Do what you want to do and have fun!” she said. Life should not end when retirement age was reached. “It’s just a phase, actually.”

For Olives, a major factor for his early “retirement” was he wanted a change of pace from the pressures of the highly competitive broadcast industry. “I want to pursue a more creative passion and take care of myself more as life can send you something unexpected. What’s important is to be happy.” Today, he takes care of the family business of handcrafted fans.

Gutierrez had reached the top of the corporate ladder, but she wanted to spend more time with and focus on her family. She quit her job in a multinational firm and started her own skin care line after making sure she was financially prepared for the major undertaking. “It is important to save up and set aside funds for future needs,” she said.

Anglo acknowledged that many of his peers hardly thought about retirement. Although his ventures were doing well, Anglo said he was already thinking about his retirement goal, which was “to cook for free and for the ones I love,” and how to accomplish that.

AXA Retire Smart is an investment-linked, regular pay product bundled with life insurance coverage that helps you strategically build a future fund that you can tap when you retire so you can live what you love. Its savings component gradually builds your future retirement fund with payment schemes that are easy on the pocket, while a portion of your premium is allocated to funds designed to grow your investment. And because it also is a life insurance product, a lump-sum cash benefit is provided to your family in case of your untimely demise. 
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