February 25, 2018, 10:05 am
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A jumpstart healthy change

THE Golden Fiesta Heart Healthy Campaign featured fitness and nutrition sessions to promote wellness among consumers.

The event gathered together fitness experts and enthusiasts as well as local celebrities like Angel Jones, Anton del Rosario, Hillarie Parungao, June Macasaet, Maricar De Mesa, Ana Roces, Angelia Ong, Rachel Daquis, Sam Ajdani and Samantha Richelle.

 “We are living in a digital world where we have our fitspirations as our fitness idols,” said Carl Constantino, category marketing manager at NutriAsia.

At the event, the local celebrities – divided into #TeamNico and #TeamSolenn groups – participated in different fitness workouts which include the Heart Pumps to improve leg and lung power and increase heart rate to burn more calories and body fat; Heart Skips to improve leg power and agility, speed up metabolism and improve blood circulation to the heart; and Heart Beats to improve speed, agility and body coordination and increase oxygen uptake to help burn calories and fat faster and keep the heart humming.

The other workouts were Elastic Heart to improve total body functional strength, help build lean muscle mass and push the heart to perform well; Heart Swing to improve overall functional power and keep the heart rate elevated; and Heart Waves to increase overall strength and total body conditioning, improve mobility and stability, and elevate heart rate to peak levels.

Constantino said when people see them through social media, “they will be encouraged to fry healthier food, exercise as well as do steps to have a healthy lifestyle.”

 “We sort of tend to have vices or unhealthy lifestyle and as a precaution for everyone, it is really good that we have to make healthy choices right at our very home,” he added.

He underscored the importance of making right food choices amid a very hectic lifestyle. “We can still enjoy the fried food that we want as long as we use the right oil,” he said.

Golden Fiesta, which promotes heart health, is being positioned as a healthy cooking oil brand. The Golden Fiesta Canola Oil, for one, has plant-based extract which helps reduce cholesterol, Constantino said. 

 “One can have a healthy meal if he shifts to healthy cooking oils. Complemented with proper exercise, he will help achieve that healthy lifestyle,” noted Constantino. 

 “We can assure you of the good quality, the process it underwent in order for us to give Filipinos the most refined, healthiest oil out in the market today,” he added.

To achieve the perfect balance, he said one cannot just eat healthy food without the proper exercise. “It is really all about balance and moderation – regular exercise with healthy diet.”
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