September 25, 2017, 3:33 am
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Jazz up your sneakers and step up with Kicks

SNEAKERS have gone a long way from the gym to the disco, and to the runway.  And today, with the growing athleisure trend, it seems that the sneaker culture is indeed here to stay.

After all, this popular street style encompasses both fashion and comfort, allowing us to pull off a cool girl vibe while still moving around. Walking the line between form and function, they come in different styles, allowing wearers to have different forms of self -expression.

Kicks, a new line of SM Shoes and Bags, showcase comfy yet stylish sneakers at really affordable prices. Kicks designs range from the crowd favorite white sneakers to even colorful slip-ons. There also sneakers which come in pastel hues, bow-accents and various patterns.  

Kicks came up with an idea to jazz up classic white sneakers by teaming up with artists who shared DIY tips at the Step UP with Kicks event recently held at SM Makati. It is a joint project of SM Shoes and Bags in coordination with Sharpie, which is available at SM Stationery. 

Talented artists Anina Rubio, Mansy Abesamis and Soleil Ignacio discussed how anyone can harness their creativity and express it through something they use on a daily basis: their pair of white sneakers. They showed how white Kicks sneakers can be reinvented with colorful pens, glitter glue and even paper cutouts which anyone can do themselves. 

Bloggers and style influencers Ava Te, Cher Lui-Pio and Ida Anduyan meanwhile shared how Kicks can be injected in everyone’s wardrobe. 

Jazz up your sneakers and step with Kicks available at the Ladies Shoes Department of SM Stores nationwide. 
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