November 24, 2017, 5:06 pm
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iNBiTuiN is Red Bull 3Style Champion


CHARLES Angeles Jr. (iNBiTuiN) was crowned as the Philippine Red Bull 3Style National Champion in Valkyrie at the Palace, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. The 38 year-old DJ will now advance to the 3Style Global Finals in Krakow, Poland.

“I have been battling/competing as a DJ since 2010 starting with the WMC Scratch-Off in Miami. I Flew everywhere as far as Long Beach and NYC to get my battle stripes at the DMC battles. I’ve come close to winning but never executed the routines the way I wanted. This is my first ever win as a battle DJ. They say the first one is always the sweetest and this one is definitely special,” he shared.

Red Bull 3Style has given DJs all over the world an opportunity to showcase their skills, creativity, and ability. Aspiring participants uploaded a five-minute performance video showcasing three different genres of music, with the finalists being Katsy Lee, Kouta Kutsuma, Jan Musa (D’MadTweaker), Charles Angeles Jr. (iNBiTuiN), Novel Fortich (Short), and Gary Bonita (DJ GFlip).

Each DJ was given 15 minutes to impress judges DJ BYTE (Red Bull 3Style World Champion 2015), DJ Carlo Atendido (2x Red Bull 3Style Philippine National Champion), and DJ Hedspin (2011 Red Bull 3Style World Champion).

The evening saw intense back-to-back competition between the finalists. Each of them showcased their unique knowledge & skill in music, their innovative techniques, and their ability to keep the crowd moving – but in the end, iNBiTuiN overcame the competition with Kouta Kutsuma and Jan Musa as first and second runners-up, respectively.

Second-runner up Jan Musa (D’MadTweaker) was the first to spin among the finalists. “At first I was nervous but I got a hang of it right away. Plus, I actually prefer performing first!” said Musa. “The crowd was also engaging, so that helped me loosen up a bit”.

Musa incorporated hiphop, dubstep, funk, and rock during his set, which definitely worked and instantly got the crowd hooked enough that they started singing along at one point! He also included a lot of Filipino touches to his set, such as the song “Bebot” by The Black Eyed Peas and selected statements from President Rodrigo Duterte.

“This is what I do everyday – almost the same techniques, same genres – so I felt pretty good about my performance earlier,” said Musa. 

The returning Japanese/Filipino DJ Kouta Kutsuma ended up as first-runner up this year. His set included 90’s hip-hop, modern hip-hop, and a few hints of funk, which got the crowd pumped up throughout his upbeat, diverse set. 

“I use a lot of wordplay. As I grew in the industry, I discovered that this is what works – so I stuck with it,” Kouta said. “Setting a vibe that people would love and having diversity at the same time… That’s the point of Threestyle.” 

iNBiTuiN, 3Style National Finals’ Champion, wowed the crowd with his astounding skill and energy on stage. He showed off his turntable skills with a mix of rock, mumba, OPM, and hip-hop to keep the crowd going. What made his set unforgettable was when he climbed up the table while he played the portable electronic keyboard on it. “I just enjoyed my set. I wanted to pass my energy to the crowd, and I think I was successful in doing so.”

This was despite a technical problem over the controller setup, forcing iNBiTuiN to restart his set. After a false start, iNBiTuiN wowed the crowd with his beat juggling, scratching, and cue hopping skills in combination with the selection of music that spanned decades and genres.

Now that the national champion has been declared, iNBiTuiN speaks about how he feels about participating in the 8th Red Bull 3Style World Finals and potentially being recognized as the 2017 World Champion.

“Finally – I‘m going back to Poland!” said iNBiTuin. “I’m excited because it’s always like a reunion. Seeing all my heroes there and most importantly, competing and representing the Philippines!”
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