April 23, 2018, 7:59 am
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Images of thought and emotion

PHOTOGRAPHS can be used for a variety of things but most of the time, these are meant to preserve memories of events in our lives. 

However, six photographers have come together to present photographs that aim to evoke thought and emotion. Their works are now on display at the “Seeing Beyond” exhibit sponsored by Meralco at Solaire’s The Shoppes Artway.

Bern Wong, Michael Olivares, Ferdinand Tiongson, Tony Reivery, Jeff Dytuco and Angela Panlilio mounted several photographs touching upon several subjects. From stark black and white images, to dreamy color landscapes, each piece is meant to invite viewers to take pause and contemplate.

Michael Olivares tackles solitude in his pieces, saying that “as an introvert, I am always looking for this ‘Fortress of Solitude’ where I can withdraw and recharge.” This is exemplified by his pieces which focus on a single subject which is brought to life through the interplay of light and shadow.

Meanwhile, Jeff DyTuco’s works capture attention with its stark contrasts. Here, light is dominant, almost becoming the negative space, while shadows take center stage. “It is inspired by old Chinese artworks that show the beauty of simple strokes. My set of photographs will be highlighted by lines and shapes in simple yet unique black and white renditions.”

Ferdinand Tiongson elevates the mystic of the female form by using silhouettes whose shadows are distorted by distance and interference, resulting in areas of pinpoint sharpness and soft haziness.

Tony Rivera highlights the duality of man, from inner and outer, to male and female. By putting the two faces of dichotomy side by side, he invites viewers to take an inner look at oneself and see the other side of the coin.

Angela Panlilio’s street photographs take on a surreal and introspective tone as she skillfully uses mirrors, drapes, and glass to create ghostly afterimages, action frozen in time. 

Finally, Bern Wong’s landscape pieces are more akin to abstract art than photographs. Eschewing the usual goal of pinpoint sharpness, Wong played around with long exposure shots, dissolving the objects of the photograph to create dreamy landscapes that focus on colors rather than form.

The exhibit will run until January 25 and all works will be on sale. 

The proceeds of the exhibit will be donated to Erda Tech, a technical vocational school established by Jesuit Fr. Pierre Tritz with the aim of keeping students in school and equipping them with skills to help them escape the deprivations of poverty.
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