July 26, 2017, 10:45 am
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The Hennan Group

After many months of featuring the visual and   performing arts and   different artists, I now take a break to    feature the country’s leading group of resort developers - the Henann Group of Resorts under the leadership of chairman Dr. Henry Chusuey.

The Henann Group, as its  executive vice president has Alfonso Chusuey;  and as its vice president for marketing,  Karl Chusuey.

Recently, the Henann Group  hosted an exclusive thanksgiving dinner for its industry partners at the Glasshouse of the  New World Makati Hotel. Warmly welcoming guests to the affair were Henann Group of Resorts vice president for Manila operations Mary Jean Ong and assistant vice president for sales-Boracay area Isabel Garcia.

Right after the meal, the hardworking Dr. Chusuey gave an update about the several projects the company is currently working on, particularly Henann Group’s newest resorts in Boracay as well as the expansion of the Henann Resort Alona Beach in
Bohol. That same evening, an awarding ceremony for Henann Garden Resort’s top producers was conducted……and to the delight of those present that evening, exciting prizes were raffled….and much to the surprise of the winners, aside from the “value” of the raffle prizes, the winners went home with happy memories of how lucky they were that evening.

And to all……aren’t we just so lucky that today is Friday……and that tomorrow, we can enjoy the start of our weekend?

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Column of the Day

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Opinion of the Day


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