March 31, 2017, 8:42 am
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The Good Guys win

It’s difficult to celebrate Christmas during perilous and uncertain times. Just ask those who survived World War 2. The specter of death was always hovering in the wings. People had become calloused to carnage, violence, and bloodshed. Betrayal was accepted as a necessary evil for survival. And people had become desensitized to blood splattered on the pavements, and shreds of human matter strewn in the streets.

It was an indescribably terror-stricken time. It left many men and women scarred and damaged for life. I don’t think one can ever quantify the destruction that war inflicts – whether one is left dead or alive. 

My parents, uncles, and aunts had blood-curdling stories about World War 2. For my younger relatives (who seemed ancient to me, nonetheless), the war robbed them permanently of their childhood and adolescence. They seemed to me like people who were born old. We, children, found it hard to make them laugh. For the older ones, the war created accidental heroes among them. They were surprised at their own courage. The daily struggle to survive, to hide one’s family from the enemy, to protect them from predators, to scrounge around for food, medicines, and the most basic of human needs – all these honed a primal survival instinct that spelled  the difference between life and death. But along with these surprising deeds of valor was also this pervading callousness that steeled them against the unbelievable atrocities and brutality of war. 

This Christmas, there’s a pall of gloom, a sense of uneasy merriment, an eerie kind of glee – because all is not well in our land. There’s blood splattered on the pavements. There are shreds of human matter strewn in the streets. The murders are unstoppable. The killings are relentless. Betrayal, lies, and deception are all part of the tangled web that evil men weave so that their evil purposes will prevail. The country is divided. Quartered. Vivisected. Seemingly helpless and  unable to stop the paralyzing forces of darkness that are slowly but surely spreading its tentacles all over the country. 

It’s a gruesome thought. Indeed, there’s unparalleled, timeless, visceral wisdom when one deploys the military strategy to “divide and conquer.” It has been working in our country. And it has taken us by surprise. Alas, at what cost, I am afraid to imagine. 

But no situation is hopeless as long as we have Christ who is Lord over all. He is sovereign. He is all-powerful. He is a clear and present danger to anything and anyone who’s evil. He has long conquered the forces of darkness, yet these evil forces continue their feeble – but scandalous – attempts to claim victory over our people. 

Our strategy to defeat the evil that’s trying to take over our land is simple and unbeatable. 

First, let’s constantly wield the weapon of prayer. We must surrender our lives and our country to the Lord Jesus Christ. Let’s ask for His redemption and protection. 

Second, let’s ask for forgiveness for our personal sins and the sins of our land: Pride, hypocrisy, dishonoring God, immorality, greed, thievery, sorcery, idolatry, godlessness, corruption, lies and deception, murder, violence, and all kinds of evil that men do to each other. 

And third, in whatever way we can, in big or small ways, let’s make a stand to do good, to uphold what is right, and to correct whatever is wrong in our areas of responsibility and influence. If we’re vigilant in fighting off evil, by the power of Christ, then nothing is impossible. Good will triumph over evil. 

In the end, the good guys win. Those who put their complete trust in Jesus Christ will win. That’s the best news ever. And it’s all foretold and pre-documented in the Book of Revelation. Read it this Christmas, for your own peace of mind.
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