June 19, 2018, 8:01 pm
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Finally meeting Jeff Dahilan

Last weekend, at the Artologist Gallery on Xavier St. in San Juan, I finally met artist  Jeff Dahilan of Laguna.  During  two  of last year’s big art events (the first to raise funds for Zonta Club Makati; and the other , “Manila Art” at the SM Aura), it just so happened that Jeff’s and my works of art were displayed not far from one another; and on both occasions, I enjoyed viewing Jeff’s works, but never saw  or met him.  

Finally, upon the invitation of Ron and Bambi de Castro for the opening of Jeff’s exhibit entitled “Euphoria”, I finally met the artist whose works are meticulously produced 

Jeff Dahilan  uses techniques uniquely his. This artist’s statement is as follows: “Most of my paintings intimate silence. They invite subdued attention and does not impose meaning beyond what the viewer sees. The combination of divergent forms and techniques makes the works speak for itself. It will create its own uproar and only those who have the discerning eye will see what I see.”

At first, the viewer of Jeff Dahilan’s works sees a multitude of triangles in quiet color shades of aqua, pink, peach, green, and yellow. Looking closer at his painting, specially when viewing  the painting from the side, the viewer sees silhouettes of human figures showing off Dahilan’s expressions of friendship and camaraderie; and activities where members of a family enjoy the love for each other while producing  oneness.

In an article previously written by Vanessa J.  Tan Gana about Jeff Dahilan, this equally talented writer said:  “Jeff Dahilan grew up in Pangil, Laguna. He began his artistic career exhibiting rural landscapes and still life paintings in 2004. These evolved into pointillist renditions of luxury goods in 2011. 

 “He progressed to figuration and abstractions the following years which led to the development of his optical triangulation method, the technique he now uses in his current works. Two of his entries in the prestigious GSIS Art Competition made it as finalists, “The Greatest Love of All Times” in 2014 and “give way ” in 2015. 

 “He both won third place at the Macuha Art Gallery 2016 Art Competition with “Tuloy Po Kayo”, and in the First Tarlac National Painting Competition with “Solemn Pledge”. He was also a finalist in the LRT National Painting Competition 2017 .

“Jeff Dahilan participated in the Singapore Art Fair 2014, Malaysia Art Fair,   Kaohsiung Taiwan Art Exhibition in December 2016, Singapore Affordable Art Fair 2017, and New York Art Expo 2017. He was also involved in numerous group exhibition.”

With such achievements in the world of Philippine art, what can I say?!!!

I am so glad the I finally had the pleasure of meeting this artist face to face!
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