July 22, 2018, 11:47 pm
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Dumplings take center stage

FILIPINOS have always had a penchant for dumplings. From the deep-fried or steamed variety sold at small stalls along the streets, to the indulgent concoctions made by fine-dining Chinese restaurants, dumplings are an integral part of any Chinese meal. Xiao long bao, a type of dumpling which is filled with meat and a rich pork-based stock took the Philippines by storm a few years ago, with every Chinese restaurant offering their own variation.

Today, xiao long bao has survived its food fad phase and is now a mainstay in most Chinese restaurants and eateries. However, for BaiNian Tang Bao, the humble xiao long bao can be a base for something more, with the restaurant offering different variations of this dumpling dish.

The most attention-grabbing dish that the restaurant has to offer is the Giant Tang Bao. Instead of the dainty dumpling which are usually eating in a single bite, the Giant Tang Bao is served snuggly resting in its own bamboo steaming container. As big as one’s fist, the dumpling is served along with a straw which is used to sip the hot broth hidden inside the dumpling. Once the broth is drained, the diner can then open the giant dumpling to enjoy the meaty filling inside.

Another soup dumpling that has to be tried in BaiNian Tang Bao is the Crab Roe Xiao Long Bao. The addition of the crab roe to the dish adds another dimension of richness to the dish. For those looking for some crunch, there is the Shanghai Golden Sheng JianBao. Here, the steamed bao is then quickly fried, resulting in a crust forming on the bottom.

BaiNian Tang Bao also offers other dishes such as the Three Seafood Fried Noodles, Beef Fried Rice and Braised Pork. Unlike most Chinese restaurants which focus on a specific regional cuisine from China, BaiNian Tang Bao opted to include dishes for different regions, allowing customers to enjoy a wide spectrum of flavors that Chinese cuisine has to offer.
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